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tlr online
18-12-02, 00:34
Lara Croft fights her way into over 6 million Sky digital homes in exclusive new game. The world's most famous videogame character – Lara Croft makes her interactive TV debut in the UK and Ireland today, following an exclusive agreement between BSkyB and Eidos Interactive, publisher of the Tomb Raider series.

Tomb Raider: Apocalypse, Episode 1: The Eye of Osiris has been developed by Minds Eye Productions specifically for Sky Gamestar – Sky digital's TV games portal. It is the first episode in a series, with parts two and three launching throughout 2003.

Sky digital viewers take on the role of the all-action heroine Lara Croft as she embarks on a death-defying adventure. Players must guide Lara through ancient Egyptian temples where she has to recover the mythical Eye of Osiris, which holds the key to immortality.

Explore 10 levels of complex catacombs and corridors in search of rare artefacts and hidden exits whilst keeping a watch out for lethal traps and deadly enemies. Key elements include:

A 2D platform game – a first for Sky Gamestar

10 game levels including a specially designed training area

Gamestar functionality will enable players to make Lara run, turn, step, crouch, roll, climb up and down, shoot, and jump!

Blue button reveals Lara's inventory and handheld map

Red button receives message texts with handy hints and tips

Pass-codes enable gamers to jump straight into a completed level

Save crystals allow players to restart partially completed levels

Sky Gamestar will follow up with a highscore version of Tomb Raider: Apocalypse, Episode 1: The Eye of Osiris that will feature a huge, specifically designed level that will be compatible with the Sky Gamepad enhanced functionality.

Adrian Pilkington, Head of Games at Sky Interactive said: "The Tomb Raider series has enjoyed phenomenal success worldwide and I'm sure it's going to be a great hit on Gamestar. This is an entirely new genre for Sky Gamestar and the first episodic series. Viewers can really experience a true action adventure game, demonstrating the next stage in the evolution of interactive TV games."

Mark Stanger, Commercial Director - New Media at Eidos Interactive adds: "One of the main aims within Eidos' New Media division has been to look at how new technologies can add value to our existing intellectual properties. Our deal with Sky enables us to hit a mass-market audience by taking Tomb Raider into 6 million homes in one hit.

Martin Batten, Managing Director at Minds Eye Productions comments: "Tomb Raider is by far the most challenging project for Sky Gamestar that Minds Eye have developed to date. The result is the first iTV game which creates a large play area, consisting of over 250 locations, with 3D rendered backgrounds and hundreds of frames of animation. Even more exciting is the fact that Tomb Raider is also the first ever episodic interactive TV game which will keep gamers coming back for the next instalment."

18-12-02, 00:49
Sounds great! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif Only in the UK and Ireland? :(

18-12-02, 05:58
:( :(

18-12-02, 09:35
so.... how was it!!!! ?

how does it work? you play with your TV Remote ???

tlr online
19-12-02, 12:10
Here we go:

How to play Tomb Raider on Sky Gamestar

Sky digital subscribers in the UK and Ireland can play Tomb Raider on Sky Gamestar by pressing the red button on the Sky remote and selecting Games when watching Sky channels. Digital satellite viewers can use the Interactive button on the Sky remote and select Sky Gamestar from the interactive services menu.

Tomb Raider costs 75p per player session.

Croft Security
21-12-02, 06:53
A Tomb Raider game that I can't play=me very angry. :mad:

21-12-02, 12:44
Me Too Croft!! :mad:

24-12-02, 01:08
...a voice from the darkness.....

I agree with You both, and feel the same... :mad: And another thing: they will take Lara apart to 100,000 pieces... Another game, another console, another media, and so on... Yeah, this is just a business, but not for us! And we will ask ourself about that where's our EXACTLY REAL Tomb Raider?! Soon... Or perhaps we should now... :(

I know, I'm very pessimist now with this opinion, but I feel this, recently...

SYS "So many tombs...so little time...and the raiding never ends!"

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24-12-02, 04:17
Has anyone played it? How is it?

tlr online
25-12-02, 00:03
I'm trying to get some footage for you all. Bear with me...

26-12-02, 04:24
well don´t worry fellas i know this is right but i hope someone crack the game and can post it on the internet so we can download it like the prophecy, the curse of the sword and the other for gbc

26-12-02, 08:45
Originally posted by Trinity34:
Has anyone played it? How is it?I've had a go at the training level, which is free (as in no dinero :D ) to play, and though playing Lara in 2D is different to say the least, the programmers have done a good job with the music (theme music from different TR games) and general feel. For established Raiders, the controls come quite naturally with seperate buttons for run, walk, jump, action, duck, plus a new manouvre, somersaulting to get under certain crevices. I even ran into some difficulty with jumping over a gap--similar to my first attempt at the jump-roll-grab combo initiated in TR2 to grab a ledge behind Lara. I'm sure with practice it'll become easier. I've yet to try the full game, as I'd need to set aside a bit of time to stay logged rather than quit & restart as Sky certainly don't need 75p several times a day from ME. ;)

Has anyone else tried it out?

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26-12-02, 09:45
I haven't played the game on sky but to be honest i don't want to. I really hate 2D games. But i don't thing anyone beyond the UK and Ireland is going to miss much with this game, and it's cost you 75p for everytime you play (what a rip-off). :mad:

26-12-02, 10:00
Here are some screenshots of Tomb Raider: Apocalypse, Episode 1: The Eye of Osiris

http://www.iemmys.tv/itvi/images/tombraider1.jpg http://www.iemmys.tv/itvi/images/tombraider2.jpg