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the croft woman!
18-12-02, 15:07
soooo tlr online, why wont you post your picture online hey???? :confused:

I it because... your old?.... because.... your hairy?... because your fat and ugly?? none of them? YOUR ADIRAN SMITH ARENT YA!!! :eek: if your not adrian smith, prove it ;)

18-12-02, 15:25
good luck the croft woman! hehe. :D

the croft woman!
18-12-02, 17:21
hehehe we'll get it out of him! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

Why dont we start a mob!!! heheheeeeee

18-12-02, 20:58
Hehe...come out into the sunlight my fellow man...

Draco, Dingochik's fuzzy tiger

18-12-02, 23:45
Originally posted by the croft woman!:
YOUR ADIRAN SMITH ARENT YA!!! :eek: if your not adrian smith, prove it ;) lol - you're on the right track, you may need to apply a little lateral thinking though...... ;)

19-12-02, 00:47
moveing sideways>> your Adrian Smiths >>BROTHER!!!!!!!

19-12-02, 01:20
I think you guys are following a lost cause. :(

19-12-02, 02:10
No cause is lost if there are those who pursue it...

-Draco, Dingochik's fuzzy tiger

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the croft woman!
19-12-02, 10:47
Hehehehe I notice that tlr online seems to be avoiding this topic http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif Come on tlr online, what are you afraid of??? ;)

19-12-02, 13:26
TLR online is the Wizard Of Oz, he's behind the curtain so we can't see him :D :D

tlr online
19-12-02, 14:47