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18-12-02, 16:45
I don't know if there are any tech guru's on here but I need some help...

I've never had this problem before...

I took out an old 200w power supply, and installed an antec sl400 (400w) power supply.
In xp when i restart my computer, the monitor goes off and the red, green, and blue, "checking your monitor" block scrolls up and down the screen even though my computer is restarting. By the time it is finished restarting the monitor still has that box on it and even if I turn off the monitor and turn it back on it acts like the computer is not on. But if I shut down computer and hit the power button, the monitor comes on fine and works perfectly. Any ideas? It's driving me insane.

Here's a list of what I have done:

re-seated video card
plugged monitor directly into video card (its running through mpeg-II decoder)
tried to see if mobo power connector was seated properly (it was)
tried leaving monitor off while re-starting (still had that "checking your monitor" box)

A few questions:

Will it damage any part of my system?
Who thinks it's the video card? Its an 3Dfx Voodoo 1000G 8MB AGP2x
Does anybody have a spare card I can borrow to check to see if it is indeed the card?

Any help is appreciated!


18-12-02, 20:54
Is the only thing you changed your power supply?

And was there a particular reason to change it in the first place?

Draco, Dingochik's fuzzy tiger

20-12-02, 02:08
Hello Laracroft8290

My farthers computer did the same thing in July. After blaiming me for killing his monitor, he found out that his motherboard and chip had burnt out...

If your accessing this forum on the computer your having problems with, then dont worry about the motherboard, as it is obviously working fine. I would suggest you use another 200w power supply, as far as I am aware, most personal computers use a 200w power supply.

Q. Whats the colour like on the monitor when it starts up? Is it brighter than it was previously?

Sorry If I havnt been much help.

Regards Dr SATAN

20-12-02, 06:53
I have no idea..but I hope to help people like you one day when I am a computer whiz. Draco keep up the good work! :D

20-12-02, 07:02
I love computers...tis no biggie...

-Draco, Dingochik's fuzzy tiger