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22-10-05, 09:27
They Recovered Hope
18 Oct 2005 08:03:00

By Betty Savourdou
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Sources: BBC

Ten days after the devastating 7.6 magnitude earthquake that ravaged northern Pakistan on October 8, the rescue crews recovered a five-year-old girl alive from the ruins of her house in the village of Chaka. The local Media broadcast that the members of relief groups, who were distributing food to a quake-stricken camp, saw a woman running towards then asking for help. "She told us she heard someone crying in the ruins of her house and thinks it is her five-year-old daughter," said a crewmember. "We immediately started removing the rubble and we managed to recover the little girl who was unconscious," he added. The little girl was saved because she was found under a piece of furniture when her house collapsed. However, this incident is only a moment compared to the endless tragedy in store for the quake-stricken.

The tents throughout the world will not do to protect the affected by the lethal earthquake that hit Pakistan ten days ago, warned the UN, noting that the needs of the earthquake-ravaged are bigger than those after the devastating tsunami that battered the northeastern Asia in 2004.

Endless Tragedy

Following days of hard efforts the rescue crews and the Pakistani army forces managed to open the road that leads to tens of isolated villages. The landslides triggered by the earthquake had made access to those areas impossible.

However, 20% of the quake-battered regions remain inaccessible. At least as many as two million people in Kashmir, Pakistan, India and Afghanistan, are believed homeless, preys to the bad weather that is about to set in

The official death toll amounts to 53,000. However, there are fears it may further increase.