View Full Version : 2 itybity little Questions :D

22-10-05, 10:51
1. Hi there, is there anyone at the forum who can speak Good Japanese and English, because me and some Mates are making a video based on a LiveAction/Manga show and we need to do japanese speaking, i do learn japanese, but i dont know it fully :D Is there some one who has msn messenger so i can send them a line and they reply in Hiragana, Katagana or Romaji (Romanization) I dont understand Kanji! :D

Just reply here to notify me if you send me a PM with your MSN Adress, thankyou!

2. I am desperate! I am in need of a Midi Production of the AOD THEME SONG! Has anyone got it on their PC? or could make it? even the sheet music! I cant find either the MIDI or Sheet Music anywhere!

Thanks (Arigato :D ) to anyone who can help! :D


Darko Ivanis
22-10-05, 11:06
It seems like here noone knows Japanese! Good LUCK!

22-10-05, 12:04
Im sure alot of people here speak Japanese :D Nihongo :D :D :D :D