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20-12-02, 07:20
Anyone knows whether there is any PS2 Emulator which I can downlaod ???????

If there is , plz tell me the link .

21-12-02, 06:10
I don't think that they have any PS2 emulators available yet:( I may be wrong but I haven't seen one yet. you would probably need an EXTREMELY powerful computer(something above 2.0ghz, & newer video card & about 512mb or higher memory) just to run PS2 games at a decent framerate.

I won't even think about what the system requirements would be if they were to come out with an X-BOX emulator,lol... you can try searching around for one & you may find one.

arcade at home (http://www.arcadeathome.com) has some great emulators...no PS2 stuff but they do have emulators for just about every system that ever existed. keep an look out on this website because eventually there will be a PS2 emulator on there to download.

22-12-02, 05:38
Thanks for the response D.T.

I have PS2 , Xbox, Nitendo Gamecube Emulators in a CD

I have'nt tried all of them but my friend tried to run a PS2 copied CD . There were three Emulators of PS2 .
One did nothing.
The other said that it works only with Original CD
and one was also giving a problem.

I don't know if they r fake emulators or real ones.

23-12-02, 21:06
I'm curious to know how in the world did they manage to make a gamecube emulator...you see how small those discs are,lol. They are way too small for a regular cd-rom or dvd-rom drive...unless there is a way to copy gamecube games onto regular cd's.

Do you remember where you found the PS2 & XBox emulators from??

27-12-02, 11:30
I found those emulators in a software CD.

But I have a feeling that those r fake emulators.
They don't look fake.I mean they have al files stuff...

but if there would be those emulators than they would have been very famous. That's y I made this topic so as to confirm those Emu....