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tlr online
20-12-02, 14:48
Remember these?

THQ® Inc. and SEGA® Corporation today announced that THQ will publish SEGA ARCADE GALLERYTM for the Game Boy® Advance. Scheduled to ship in early Spring 2003, SEGA ARCADE GALLERY is part of THQ and SEGA's multi-title exclusive publishing agreement.

"Arcade classics like those developed by Yu Suzuki are legendary and very popular and we are very proud to add them to our Game Boy Advance line-up," said Alison Locke, executive vice president, North American publishing, THQ. "Great games will always be great games whether they are developed today or ten years ago."

"SEGA has a 40 year heritage in the video game industry and some of the world's most legendary video game talent including Yu Suzuki," said Shinobu Toyoda, executive vice president of content strategy and business development, SEGA of America, Inc. "SEGA's alliance with THQ, a leader in the handheld gaming category, helps us to bring our leading brands and classic content such as SEGA ARCADE GALLERY to the Game Boy Advance platform and an even bigger audience of gamers."


A compilation of master video game visionary Yu Suzuki's finest arcade games:

AFTER BURNERTM - Hop into the seat of a Navy F-14 to gun your way through wave after wave of oncoming bogeys.

OUTRUNTM - Get behind the wheel of a high-powered sports car as you race against the clock on tracks around the globe.

SPACE HARRIERTM - Blast your way through enemies and save dragons in this classic 3D action shooter.

SUPER HANG ONTM - Race across 4 regions on some of the most powerful GP motorcycles on the planet!

20-12-02, 15:58
:eek: OMG, i remember all of those....... ;)

Cool, this means that pretty soon all those old Ultimate games could get redone too! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif Bring on Sabre Wulf et al....... :D