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26-12-02, 05:09
well for me was the willard from the meteorīs cave... yes that guy doctor willard...(i believe) the aracnid one... whew ... he was really hard to kill for me..i didnīt got to much space to run or jump... and well all the thing of getting the artifacts... and tryng to bust and to to be busted..or fried...well i just hete him...

the second one was the droid from the chronicles...not eought bullets or lives...

and the third... i think i ainīt got a third

well a common enemy.. the skeletons..yep i think they with the rock guards from tr 2 can be in the third place...

i loved the dragon and the t-rex

well i don't know with the time it will be more proposals.. i just can remember now wich can be my third

the croft woman!
26-12-02, 10:38
Well my first will be.... that rock bird in tr2, he kept on running away so I couldnt shoot him!! typical!

Secondly.. in trc the guys with armour over their faces in the gas rooms, I didnt have enough bullets, so in the end had to try and avoid them, and had tiny energy!

Thirdly, the spiders, because I hate spiders, so i run away from them the second i see them, so dont really give myself the chance to shoot them!! :eek:

26-12-02, 12:13
Hard monsters that spring to mind.....

-The dragon at the end of TR2
-The Androids (both) from TRC
-The three guardian snakes outside the entrance of 'The Colosseum', also from TRC
-The TR3 shivas
-The Floating men in the Floating Islands from TR2

And let's not forget all the invulnerable creatures from TRLR

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26-12-02, 12:40
Hmmmmm...hardest one from each game...

Those things from Atlanta. Especially the centaurs. Hate them. I always get really nervous before I come to kill Natla for the last time, aswell.

The statue guards in Floating Islands. They're evil.

The demons with blue tails in the Lost City level near the end of TR3. I always got killed by those gits.

Did you ever let the red dragon thing loose accidentally in the last level of TRLR? He was hard to kill.

All of the guards that required special shooting near the end of Chronicles. Ridiculous.

26-12-02, 12:45
The tigers from the very beginning of TR2...cant kill my digital kin...hehe... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

-Dingochik's fuzzy tiger

the croft woman!
26-12-02, 17:54
I forgot about most of the harder enemies! stupid person! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

tr1. The atlantians that run around looney when they spot you!

tr2. Like i said before, the stone bird, but also the living statues.

tr3. Those massive aliens in lost city of tinnos, and in that dark area in RX tech mines.

tr4. The spirits that chase you until you get into water! Also the skeletons, if you had no explosive ammo.

Tr5. The tri dragons!!!

26-12-02, 18:28
...a voice from the darkness.....

I think, it depends on how much times have You played them over. For the very-very first, for me, every enemy was tough and dangerous, for instance the bears at the end of TR1. I really feared them... And it depends on the situations too. An averige enemy would be very tough in a small room or corridor for instance. In a TReditor made custom level - "Zelligar's Lair", there's a crawlspace with some rats. And it's impossible to crawl through it, if I don't kill some of them before I started to crawl with Lara...

TR1: Hmm, the three guys in "Natla's Mines". Very hard to kill them, especially the cowboy with just the pistols, as he is very fast and strong, and he hits so much on Lara...

TR2: Really hard enemies? Well, perhaps the Xian-guards and the Dragon, and "The Budgie" (the huge bird-like monster), of course. But nothing else, I think... Hmm... Although some guys in Venice, who are in a small and safe place from Lara, and some - Fabio-like - crazy guys in Tibet...

TR3: I really hated the green stingers in "Lost City Of Tinnos". I think, the mutated Willard is enough easy with the DE for instance. So, I can't tell really-really tough enemies from here... Tony or Puna perhaps? :D Hmm, but I have one: the big T-Rex, if You don't use the safe places... ;)

TR4: It will be strange again, but my votes flying for the swarms of beetles and locusts... They were really disgusting, hateful, and Lara couldn't do so much things with them... And I really hated the two guards at the end of "Cleopatra's Palaces"... And...hmm, the bats, when You're using Manual Fireing... ;)

TR5: Yes, the Stone Dragons, and the two cyborgs at the end. And in "Trajan's Markets", the big statue wasn't bad in that small room... ;)

SYS "So many tombs...so little time...and the raiding never ends!"

26-12-02, 18:43
Posted by SYS....
TR1: Hmm, the three guys in "Natla's Mines". Very hard to kill them, especially the cowboy with just the pistols, as he is very fast and strong, and he hits so much on Lara.. I found that climbing the column adjacent to the lava hole severly restricts the amount of shots that "Cowbay guy" gets in at you.

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01-01-03, 07:58
Mine would have to be Willard as a spider. Although I really hated the raptors in TR3 (there were too many) and the armored guys in TR5.

01-01-03, 11:24
Definatly Dr. Willard (the spider) from TR3! Although Natla was kinda hard from what I remember...


01-01-03, 23:22
Gotta say that the dragon was really the hardest to kill. I don't know how many times Lara died while trying to down that creature but it was a lot!. And then you had to get to that dagger before the thing reserected,holy cow. Another good example of "be careful what you wish for", for most of the game I kept wishing for a dragon,silly me.
I don't want to ever see another dragon(Draco excepted :D ).
Second would be the Willard spider. I kept running off the path.

01-01-03, 23:27
My smilie's missing again!! Whats going on? It's supposted to be after "excepted".

02-01-03, 01:50
Actually, come to think of it, that big fat...thing, with no legs at the beginning of the Great Pryamid level in TR1 is a right ******* to kill. Took me about a week to get the better of it first time I played, I think.

02-01-03, 04:34
Actually Ive never really had that much trouble with any enemy in Tomb Raider, besides those you couldnt kill(beatles, locust, skeletons). I have a little thing where I only use my pistols, so I get used to jumping a shooting for long periods of time. So I guess this makes me good on my feet with Lara, Im an expert at jumping and dodging enemies(jumping over them and rolling in midair and shooting them from behind :D ) But I would have to say that Dr. Williard was a little more difficult than the other enemies, whereas the objective wasn't to unload on him until he dies, but to knock him down and get back in time before he gets back up. I actually like the touger enemies, though, like the Demigods in tr4 and the 3 stone dragons in tr5. I will admit that I have never played against the dragon in tr2, however, because my game didnt work right :( .

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the croft woman!
02-01-03, 12:17
That enemie in tr1 your talking about caisenma I only found hard because he kept getting so close to me that I fell off the ledge every 5 seconds! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif Otherwise he was pretty easy for me, just took a long time!

And only using your pistols!! I wouldnt be able to manage that! I like my big guns http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

02-01-03, 12:59
I'm surprised no-one else noticed this, but I think the hardest person to kill is Winston the butler!

I've shot him so many times in TR3, but he always manages to deflect my bullets with his tea tray.

That's one tough old man...


the croft woman!
02-01-03, 14:00
Hahahahahaha thats a good one Chris! :D

02-01-03, 18:29
When I first played Tomb Raider, Natla was hard to kill because it took me a while (about 3 weeks) to realize that shooting her was doing nothing.
The mummies and the big spider were also difficult for me to kill.

02-01-03, 23:09
When I first played Tomb Raider, Natla was hard to kill because it took me a while (about 3 weeks) to realize that shooting her was doing nothing. Shooting her did nothing?? I killed her with just my pistols, and it didnt take very long at all... what did you have to do?