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26-12-02, 22:20
For those of you who are interested, Challenge TV are playing the third series of the programme Knightmare.

Here is the schudule:
Episode 1: Saturday 4th: 10am, repeated 5pm
Episode 2: Sunday 5th: 10am, repeated 5pm
Episode 3: Saturday 11th: 10am, repeated 5pm
Episode 4: Sunday 12th: 10am, repeated 5pm
Episode 5: Saturday 18th: 10am, repeated 5pm
Episode 6: Sunday 19th: 10am, repeated 5pm
Episode 7: Saturday 25th: 10am, repeated 5pm
Episode 8: Sunday 26th: 10am, repeated 5pm

They are playing episode 2 at 10:30 PM, but as you see from the schudule its being repeated along with episode 1.

You can get more info from

Knightmare.com (http://www.knightmare.com/knews/index.htm)

03-01-03, 23:24
Well episode 1 of series 3 is tomorrow at 10:00am and repeats at 17:00 pm

Episode 2 is on Sunday and plays at the same times.

04-01-03, 13:03
I want Challenge TV. :(

tlr online
04-01-03, 13:06
What is Challenge TV?

04-01-03, 15:36
I think it's a channel...like UK Gold and such. Although I could be wrong.

04-01-03, 20:09
Yep, it is a channel and its available on satellite and cable. It plays some gameshows and other problem solving programmes like the crystal maze.

Here's the link to their online site

Challenge TV (http://www.challenge.co.uk/)

I still only have terrestrial myself, and I have to watch the programme at my friend's place.

tlr online
04-01-03, 20:44
Ah. The Crystal Maze with Richard O'Brian. Brings back memories... That was a great game-show. Thanks for the info.

15-01-03, 18:01
*BUMP* http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

Just for anyone who missed the thread.

26-01-03, 21:07
Well episode 8 was shown today, but apparently they will be showing the rest of series 3 next weekend. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif Can only hope Challenge buy the rights to show the other 7 series...

27-01-03, 09:13
Originally posted by tlr online:
Ah. The Crystal Maze with Richard O'Brian. Brings back memories... That was a great game-show. Thanks for the info.I hate The Crystal Maze (sorry tlr online), as many of you know my favourite show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

27-01-03, 09:48
Did any contestants ever complete Knightmare?

08-02-03, 14:17
Yeah, there were teams that did complete Knightmare.

Series 2 - 1 team
Series 4 - 1 team
Series 5 - 1 team
Series 6 - 1 team
Series 7 - 2 teams
Series 8 - 1 team

No team completed their quests in Series 1 or 3.

A lot of teams did have the potential to actually win, but many failed due to taking the wrong items or someother reason.