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27-08-05, 21:13
just so i can see if there are people like me(i did a topic similar to this and i am a pc gamer) just type sign if you enjoy playing tomb raider series pc more than tomb raider series for ps.

27-08-05, 21:16
2 4 6 8 yeah pc is realy great, go ps go go pc

27-08-05, 21:25
PC of course > there is one reason - better graphics, screenshot capturing and etc. Except TR3 which is fully playable on PS ( < blue crystals are being used as a savegames).

Tomb Raider Master
27-08-05, 22:20
I have only a PC and I think it's better to play on it because I got used to it. You can, except playing, also record your gameplay, take screenshots... My friend has PS and I tried a few times to play some games on it but that's not for me. I just can't get used to analogs and all that PS stuff...

28-08-05, 10:38
PC all the way, at least until Legend comes out on PSP then I get portable Lara as well :D

28-08-05, 13:17
Has to be PC, for all of the reasons highlighted by Apofiss (see above) plus - if in difficulty - you can save and call up this forum to ask for help at the touch of a button! :D