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29-12-02, 15:30
I have just brought a computer magazine called PC Success and it is the best computer magazine i have ever seen. You get 2 disc (World Atlas & Power Publisher) worth up to 70 for just 1.99. Check your local newsagent for it.

Here is the homepage HERE (http://www.pc-success.net/)


29-12-02, 20:57
As I see it's a new magazine... Hmmm... That's why we don't have it here yet :D

29-12-02, 22:42
PC World works for me...

-Dingochik's fuzzy tiger

30-12-02, 04:50
I usually find a lot of useful info about hardware and software problems at the back of PCGAMER, the info is extensive and has solved a lot of my computing problems in the past.

I once purchased a copy of 'PC know how' and found it to be completely useless (every thing was too basic)