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25-10-05, 09:41
hi forum.
im making a tomb raider fanart site that will hopfully open within a week or two. www.lcfg.tk (http://www.lcfg.tk) ;)
its still in the building stage, but ive just realized that its only a few megabytes big right now and i have 60mb at the host.
so i have plenty of room to fill... :rolleyes:
but i cant come up with any ideas. so im gonna ask u here if u have any ideas for the site?

it will strictly be a fanart site and i wont do any news, walkthroughs, screenshot or gameinfo.
there are enough sites that are good at that allready ;)

so far ive added wallpapers, drawings, edited screenshots, and a mobile wallpaper gallery.

does any of u have an idea for me??? http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

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25-10-05, 11:32
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