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30-08-05, 18:57
OK. I thought it would be fun to introduce a rhyming game, so I did.

The rules are simple:
1) No Double Posting. You can only post again if someone else has posted after your post.
2)Posts must be no more and no less than 2 lines
3)Post must rhyme with previous post. Doesn't have to be both lines.
4)No LOL, ROFL, etc...
5)Subject of your post can be related to anything and doesn't need to be the same topic of previous post.
6)No Quoting.
7)You CAN put smilies in your posts but not a must.

Starting the game:

I walked on all four like a dog
I broke a pot and ran like hell

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30-08-05, 19:09
And then i peed on a tree
And oh boy did it smell

30-08-05, 19:10
Nevermind(i did this post by acident)

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30-08-05, 19:30
If you keep watching me I will tell
Now go away and let me pee. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

30-08-05, 19:35
Under this bush, what could it be?
Yikes! It's black and has huge, red eyes. ;)

30-08-05, 19:41
I thought my day was very nice
then a bird pooped on my head http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

Mona Sax
30-08-05, 19:46
I shot it down and it was dead.
Crying loud "For heaven's sake"

30-08-05, 20:22
Poo is now my turn to make
I had chilly dogs last night

30-08-05, 20:24
Poo is now my turn to make
I had chilly dogs last night

30-08-05, 20:45
This is rapidly becoming nonsense. And let's not be vulgar now.

30-08-05, 22:54
A mod has spoken we can see
Lets keep it under rated PG

31-08-05, 10:14
Mabey somday we'll be aloud
To say bad words and not be found.............out

01-09-05, 09:40
I started to shout out loud
the cops are coming I was never in doubt

01-09-05, 10:16
But I'm a teapot, here's my spout.
The cops don't worry me at all. :D

01-09-05, 10:44
now im going to a ball
with my trusty glass shoe

01-09-05, 14:20
Then i had another poo
And sniffed it like a dog

01-09-05, 14:25
The humour's going down the bog.
Words aren't bad, just single-track.

01-09-05, 14:59
Hit you in the back after a threat
Rather that than get a bullit in the head

01-09-05, 15:36
I think this is an awesome thread
I just hope I dont render it dead :D

01-09-05, 17:40
Nah, it'll rise like bread.
Or more, like a hot-air balloon.

Mona Sax
01-09-05, 18:02
Someone else will post here soon.
Could it be Angie, dare I dream?

01-09-05, 18:05
My cat might post, if you offer him cream.
Tuna, biscuits or sponge cake. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

Mona Sax
01-09-05, 18:23
I'm sorry but I just can't bake.
577 posts? All written by the cat?

01-09-05, 18:52
Just don't ask how he does that.
Maybe he simply likes to chat?

Mona Sax
01-09-05, 19:43
He seems to be a lazy brat.
I bet you like him anyway.

01-09-05, 20:12
Whether I do or not, he's here to stay! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/hug.gif
Is it me or are we cat-fixated?

02-09-05, 09:24
I had a cat I hated
I shot it and in to heaven it fated

02-09-05, 15:37
He saw a cat and mated
Some more *******s that you hated

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05-11-05, 11:44
Fell free to post here anyday
Forgot about this thread I created ;)

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05-11-05, 14:23
Let's try keep it TR related
As everything around is

05-11-05, 16:28
'Cos we know Lara's the bizz!
Whatever comes of her next adventure.

05-11-05, 16:31

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05-11-05, 22:27
I'll continue rhyming with greenkey's post.

Every man wants to make her his
Every woman wants to be her

06-11-05, 09:54
They get upset when they are not heard
so that's why you should be careful

06-11-05, 10:25
In a race I came in third
And swearing I was heard

06-11-05, 10:31
That's strange 'cos I thought you'd purred!
That's why cats are not allowed to drive.

(Or are they? http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/mischievous.gif )

06-11-05, 10:33
Lara she can dive
And land on a rock

(Poor girl)

06-11-05, 15:53
just in time, batman arrives
to ask for her hand in mariage

07-11-05, 06:12
to take her away in a carriage
but Lara just smirks and gives him a slap

07-11-05, 13:32
"Thanks for saving, but that's a ****.
To win a heart do more than that."

07-11-05, 17:02
So Batman goes off in a flap.
Lara's happy to be by herself.