View Full Version : What Present did Santa leave Lara?

Mere Cund Chosef
01-01-03, 05:12
How about a copy of playgirl?

an yes, women do have have feelings an desires, as they are people with minds of their own!

do not disrepect women, for they are entitled to their share of the fun the world offers.

an no.....women arn't all nuns, theyre human beings who desurve respect, not ignorance about their sexuality!

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01-01-03, 05:54
I think he gave her a tiger...

-Dingochik's fuzzy tiger

01-01-03, 07:45
Wow deep Mere Cund Chosef lol

02-01-03, 04:57
I bet he left her the whips and chains as well.

03-01-03, 05:00
Naw, come on Draco, our Lara is a dragon type. Power, majesty and a challenge. WOW!, works for me.
Hope he stocked her up on desert eagel amo.

03-01-03, 05:52
Well then...

-Draco of the Twelfth Order of Dragons


-Dingochik's fuzzy tiger

04-01-03, 02:53
O.K. Draco. I'm now putty in your hands! ;)

04-01-03, 04:36

Mere Cund Chosef
20-01-03, 21:18
Originally posted by Annacia:
O.K. Draco. I'm now putty in your hands! ;) I wonder what Lara would have liked in her hands at christmas:)