View Full Version : Happy New Year

01-01-03, 09:28
Happy New Year From Trleveldesighn.com
And May your new years resolution come true, Best wishes for the holoday season to all. ;)

01-01-03, 10:56
Happy New Year Sleeper and Happy New Year To everyone on the forum!!


the croft woman!
01-01-03, 11:04
Happy new years everybody! :D

Anyone here get drunk outta their fave last night??? I did!! :eek: But luckily, I dont suffer from hang overs the next day :D

Happy new year!!

Raider Ranger
01-01-03, 13:26
I have a bit of a hangover thismorning due to the fact that I don't drink, but last night I had a few glasses of Bailey's Irish Cream and I am now suffering something awful. NEVER AGAIN!!!! :D

01-01-03, 17:15
I went out, didn't get drunk, but had a great time anyway.
So hurrah.
Happynewyearness to all.

17-01-03, 03:51
And may all your resolutions come true