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02-01-03, 01:54
To compliment the other thread...

TR1: Altanta.
TR2: Temple of Xian and Floating Islands.
TR3: (most of them, actually) but especially Ludd's Gate and The Lost City Of Tinnos
TR4: Cleopatra's Palaces.
TR5: Escape With The Iris.

02-01-03, 02:06
All those Training Levels that 'replaced' Lara's house... :mad:

-Dingochik's fuzzy tiger

02-01-03, 02:20
Worst level ever. It's horrible.

02-01-03, 03:59
TR1: Altanta. :confused: Atlantis, you mean, right? :D

I have to agree with Draco, the levels that replaced Laras house. :(

the croft woman!
02-01-03, 12:25
Couldnt agree more, levels that replaced Laras housee definatly! :mad: Although I thought the race for the Iris levels were cool! But no match to Laras house! :(

Other than them I didnt like the underwater levels or the floating island levels in tr2

02-01-03, 16:35
Originally posted by .::§mylez::.:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr /> TR1: Altanta. :confused: Atlantis, you mean, right? :D </font>[/QUOTE]I do. I...have no idea why I put Atlanta. :confused: Hmmmmm.

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