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01-09-05, 05:44
Yea, I know people have seen these adds littered all over the internet that claim to give you a free PS3 or Xbox 360 and stuff like that if you "hit Paris Hilton in the face" or "swat the flie", but do these things actually work? I mean isnt that false advertising if they dont? And has anyone on these forums had any experience with them, like actually recieving one free or recieving nothing at all...?

01-09-05, 05:47
They've worked with iPods (third-generation only though), but I'm not sure about something that hasn't even arrived to the market.

01-09-05, 05:56
I just ignore these things. I doubt anyone ever wins anything. Neither I or anyone I know ever has. Its just a ploy to get you to their site. I get tricked onto sites enough times as it is without these. These are the reason you should have spybot or similar and use it because I think these sites are where you pick up a lot of your bots. My home PC crashed due to bot overload because I took too long to run my anti-bot program. (how can you win a PS3?)

01-09-05, 06:00
I know. I try to ignore them too, but they just peek my interest because there might be a possibility that they just might. My friend (well, ex- friend) told me he filled out a whole lot of those surveys and he one a PS2. He said it just arrived at his front door step one day. It sounded kind of fishy, and I dont know even now if he was telling the truth or not. But Ive always just been so curious about those things on the web. Mayeb theres a possibility that some sites actually are credible when they say that stuff...

01-09-05, 06:33
May be a coincidence but I just got a pop-up asking me which I liked better - Law and Order or CSI. The selection boxes were flashing so you couldn't select one. Spooky, I haven't had one for a while. Until we just dicussed it!
Didn't wait to see what could be won, I clicked it off.

Lara Croft Snape Raider
01-09-05, 19:45
Um guys...dont ever click on those things.....Good god you should see what happened to my moms inbox on one of her email accounts after she did and put some info in...its useless... I dont think you should have to spend money on other things just to get something free, all the while getting bambarded with spam and spyware and the likes. No thanks.