View Full Version : Children offered 'Willy Wonka' chance

19-02-04, 14:06
Children offered 'Willy Wonka' chance

A sweet factory is offering children the chance to become Willy Wonka for a day.

Haribo is looking for 10 children to see behind the scenes at its plant in Pontefract, West Yorkshire.

Winners will be able to design their own sweets.

Haribo spokesman Christian Freund said: "Being inside a sweet factory is a dream for many children and we wanted to make that become a reality."

Children under the age of 14 will have to write to Haribo in fewer than 100 words to explain why they should be one of the chosen few.

Story filed: 08:33 Thursday 19th February 2004


19-02-04, 17:47
cool, but they should have put golden tickets in chocolate are somthing, that would've been sooo cool :cool: :D

19-02-04, 17:52
lol bubble, they should have done that!