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19-02-04, 14:09
Six-foot wide house sells for 82,500

A 6ft-wide house in Gwynedd, known locally as the Tardis, has sold for 82,500.

The three-storey three bedroom house is so compact the seller Daryn Williams can touch both sides of the living room while lying down.

The house in Harlech was originally built as a shop and was later converted, says the Daily Mirror.

Mr Williams said: "People are amazed anyone can live here but the shape of the property is a bit deceptive."

With 1,200sq feet of space, the house is 18,000 cheaper than the average three-bedroomed house in the area.

Estate agent Giles Bentham said the house appeared to have been added to the end of the existing terrace about 100 hundred years ago.

"The unusual shape means it has one of the narrowest front elevations in Wales," he said.

Story filed: 09:02 Thursday 19th February 2004


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