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tlr online
06-01-03, 13:39
AlienPants Ltd has developed and successfully tested a Cheats, Hints and Tips via SMS service. This service, available to all mobile users, allows customers to text in a request for a game hint, tip or cheat to a nominated short code, and receive a relevant response to their question direct to their mobile phone.

Customers will be able to request Cheats, Hints and Tips by sending the keyword GTIP, followed by their question, to a shared short code. Once the question is received by the core application, the Cheat master can then reply directly to the customer's mobile phone. As the service is a pure Text service, customers will be able to use the service from anywhere. The application itself is not specific to any one network, and can be used with any short code or any mobile phone SMS service.

"The service is available anywhere at any time, so you can find out the specific cheat, hint or tip you need while you're playing the game," says Tom Gordon, CEO of AlienPants. "Just pause the game, send in your question, and the answer will come straight back to your phone, letting you continue with your game."

AlienPants is currently licensing the application and Cheat Master service to third-party service providers and telecommunications companies.

06-01-03, 13:52
Further moral decay...this can only promote other such facilities of dishonor...