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the croft woman!
06-01-03, 17:01

Are there tomb raider phone cases that can be bought in shops, which are suitable for girls? I have only seen two kinds of tomb raider case, and they're more of boy case's, with Lara in a revealing bikini, and ne with her naked, but with a towel covering her lower and her arms over her.... top half.... (trying to word this suitably!)Has anyone seen normal tomb raider cases, without the revealing thing of Lara, suitable for a GIRL tomb raider fan??? :rolleyes: :confused:

06-01-03, 23:26

the croft woman!
07-01-03, 17:55
Oh damb! How come they only make tomb raider merchandise suitable for boys? :eek: (I mean stuff like phone cases, clothes and towels....)

07-01-03, 18:11
Actually I remember there bring a particular manufacturer or business that had a website where you could email your pics in and they would design a cell phone cover for you...

10-01-03, 10:19
ive had 3 all suitable for girls, ones called "in action", ones called "autograph" and i rnt sure wat the other ones called but its silver with her on the back looking mean and punching n shes wearing her claddagh ring. The autograph one is black with her and her swingin on a rope and her signature on and in action shes wadin its a firey color and also has the ankh on!



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10-01-03, 10:24
ok i give up tryin get the link- u can find them at


ope its a help!


try this one it MIGHT work!!

tombraider fascia (http://www.thecoverstore.com/mall/thecoverstore/topic/topic-14603-1.stm)

10-01-03, 10:26
yeah-that one works-pics r near the bottom!!

the croft woman!
10-01-03, 14:52
Thanks http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif I'll take a look at the sites now! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

the croft woman!
10-01-03, 14:56
wow! is it possible to get any of the cases by postal order? Or do you know any shops that sell these cases? Because I havent got a credit card, and my parents wont let me borrow theirs http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

13-01-03, 09:07
i got mine from just ordinary mobile fone shops that stock fascias-if they havnt got them give them the name of the cover and they may b able to order you 1!!

glad 2 help!!