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tlr online
07-01-03, 17:12
We're weathering rather a lot of traffic atm from a popular German news site referencing The Cradle Of Life set images on our site. Some images may take a while to load. If you have any problems, hit refresh.

07-01-03, 17:17
Thanks tlr online. :D :D :D

Do you know where Elen is. :confused:

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tlr online
07-01-03, 17:21
Colin. Elen should be on later this evening.

07-01-03, 17:32
Thanks tlr online, could you tell Elen i wanted to ask her something, if i'm not on the forum.



tlr online
07-01-03, 21:31
The network is slowly returning to normal, although some sections of the site will still be a tad slow for a while.

07-01-03, 22:26
Colin, Elen is here. If you want her something, you can Private Message her... ;)

08-01-03, 04:36
tlr-online have you made my avatar yet? I'm still waiting. ;)

tlr online
09-01-03, 00:06
Dingochik. Can you email me the image you'd like (or provide a link) and I'll convert it into an avatar and upload to our library. Thanks.