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just croft
01-09-05, 22:30
Well I don't konw if u ever play somthing like this but here it goes. the point is to creat a story, each person makes a line. the story can't end. u cant post 2 lines fowled, you have to wait untill some one post after you, only then u can post.

here it goes:
Once happon a time there was a tomb raider named Lara Croft.

01-09-05, 23:45
who lived in a beautiful mansion

just croft
02-09-05, 10:03
with a fat and anoing buttler.

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02-09-05, 15:13
one day a letter came through the mail

02-09-05, 17:50
The letter was for the bulter, he was told to inspect the refridgerator. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/privateeye.gif

just croft
02-09-05, 20:54
he entered but the door closed behind him and nigher he or lara could open the door.

02-09-05, 21:15
Until an ice spirit arrived and melted him out.

02-09-05, 21:18
Lara heard something going on outside, so she ran to the front door.

02-09-05, 21:28
and outside there was a giant poison spewing muntant rancor from the star wars video games.

just croft
02-09-05, 21:41
so she used the force to call yoda, Obi Wan, Ani and Macewindu.

03-09-05, 10:56
But Lucas warned Lara that the heroes were unavailable due to filming demands - she'd have to take on the mutant by herself http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

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just croft
03-09-05, 11:00
So she picked up her pair of pistols and started shoting at the monster.

03-09-05, 15:58
Sadly,Lara ran out of ammo,but then the butler came to the rescue.

03-09-05, 16:18
The butler hit the monster with his walking stick

just croft
03-09-05, 18:17
then when lara waked up on her bed beliving that every thing was dream, cuz the butler couldn't be alive cuz he was melted by an ice spirit inside the fridge.

03-09-05, 19:01
But before Lara could catch her breath, she found a mysterious note under her pillow.

just croft
03-09-05, 19:04
strangly, the note was for the bulter, he was told to inspect the refridgerator.

03-09-05, 19:43
The feeling of deja vu was starting to get on her nerves, so Lara went to make some coffee while she brooded on what to do.

just croft
03-09-05, 20:03
when she started to drink the coffee It tasted like blood but still the coffee color was brown.

03-09-05, 23:03
She threw up everywhere

03-09-05, 23:06
and discovered she was pregnant

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just croft
03-09-05, 23:09
but the teast of blood in the coffee made her even sick and she had to abort.

03-09-05, 23:14
But she could not abort the baby because it was a monster

04-09-05, 03:12
she gave life to a monster and called it pepe. Winston was the father

04-09-05, 04:50
Lara hated the monster and decided to take it to a remote island and leave it in a labyrinth she'd discovered years ago

SpongeBob Lover
04-09-05, 05:04
The monster was mad and wanted revenge and when after Lara to eat her.

04-09-05, 05:22
lara ran away and phoned spider-man to come rescue her as she did not want to destroy her 'child', but he was busy so she had to hide within the shadows resisting the urge to break it's neck

04-09-05, 09:56
She then decided to go on an adventure.

just croft
04-09-05, 11:40
the story is become great but whatch it on the facts. be careful!

Meanwile winston was inspecting the refrigerator when an ice spirit came and absorved winstons body, e could ear - Save the baby nephlim from the labyrint and kill lara, the last hope of earth.....

04-09-05, 14:54
Winston didn't want to do it, and the spirit said he will not gonna leave him, so, Winston did swandive from the balcony to the floor, and died.

04-09-05, 14:59
A distraught Lara, kneeling at his side, heard his last words uttered with his last breath - 'Norway...vital....your brother, Lara......'

04-09-05, 15:13

(Yay, just like the never ending story thread! ah, pointless nostalgia)

04-09-05, 17:38
She didn't really quiet catch Winston last message because something caught her attention....

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04-09-05, 18:21
Her aunty appeared and said "Don't listen Winston! He likes alcohol as me!". Lara's aunty does swandive from the balcony to the floor and dies.

04-09-05, 18:43
Lara begins to cry and decides to cheer herself up by going on her quad bike...

04-09-05, 18:46
She drives to Argentina and comes to my home. I do swandive and die. Lara remembers her aunty and goes back to her mansion

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04-09-05, 18:57
Aunty and Winstons bodies are smelly roting corpses now, so she searches their bodies for medipacs and keys to unlock secret doors

04-09-05, 19:17
Lara wants something to eat, and Winston is death so she hasn't got a chef, so she eats the bodies.

04-09-05, 19:25
(Dude, that's disgusting...)

Lara chokes on the smelling rotting corpses and collaspes dead, but wakes up again in bed and finds a note under her pillow.

04-09-05, 19:34
Its for Winston...

just croft
04-09-05, 19:54
Its for i'm to inspect the refrigirator but this time lara has a deja vú feeling and goes her selve.

just croft
04-09-05, 19:56
opps doble post by the away she eats the corpeses.. she sandives and dies but the she wake up. wtf is that? that makes no sence!

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04-09-05, 20:02
Originally posted by just croft:
opps doble post by the away she eats the corpeses.. she sandives and dies but the she wake up. wtf is that? that makes no sence! Look... I thought you started this topic, so all we can have fun, or you were pretending a "best-seller" came of this?

04-09-05, 20:05
keep the story line...

She starts to cry, and wakes up again. A note is under her pillow, "Strange, right?"

04-09-05, 20:17
Walking down the stairs whilst reading the note, she hears a huge crash sound, the refridgerator collapsed.

04-09-05, 20:19
She runs towards it, and opens it. Enters the refrigerator, and the door closes behind her. The spirit is still there...

04-09-05, 20:25
fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately) it was in a comprimising position with a milk bottle, Lara was able to blackmail it with press exposure and the spirit left the mansion never to return.

just croft
04-09-05, 20:29
ok I agree with you but she dies and then wakes up makes no sence.

2 day later she went to a tomb raide in india.

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04-09-05, 20:30
Then Lara turns to the fridge entrance and opens the door to find winston with a knife in his hand up in the air with evil eyes too!

04-09-05, 20:37
(right where is this going?)

Lara knows the only thing to kill ghost Winston is silver so she smacks him over the head with his trusty tea tray.

04-09-05, 21:08
Then, everything goes back to normal. She gives Winston a close embrace, and she wakes up. All a dream, again... She feels something under her pillow. A note... "Look at your walls". Lara looks at the walls and notices there are thousands and thousands of notes. "Watch out with the spirit"

just croft
04-09-05, 21:15
the spirit gardian of the obscura painting under the louver cames into laras bed room and she notesse that there is a littel monalisa in the hand of a satue on her bed room and 3 other status arround.

mau3genuis you broke a rule has you puted too dot's. a line per post. next time put a ",".

04-09-05, 21:19
Ups I came too late...

Damn..you guys are quick http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/whistle.gif

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Real Life Lara
04-09-05, 21:23
Originally posted by crux2:
(Yay, just like the never ending story thread! ah, pointless nostalgia) Hey, that better not be an insult to my thread! XD Sorry...continue, it's great lol :D

04-09-05, 21:40
Confused by the various posts and counter posts Lara decided to screw the paintings and run like the clappers, exiting the mansion she jumped onto her quadbike...

(WHAT?! How dare you! I poured my heart and soul into that thread! If only it could begin again... :D )

04-09-05, 22:26
Again on her quadbike, she's dispossed to turn it on, but the motor is down. Lara opens the principal door.

just croft
04-09-05, 22:33
she sees the spirit flying to her so she grab her guns and starts shoting the spirit but the bullets pas trough the spirit and has his aprotching her with a kniff she swandive under the spirit and runs to her bed room to get the little monalisa.

04-09-05, 23:47
When she opens her room she sees vines and jungle covering the entire room and then it hits her, lara took some acid ealier and must have passed out on her bed dreaming of crazy stuff.

05-09-05, 02:50
Lara wakes up in a german hospital 5 hours later only to find she is still dreaming as the germans all speak spanish and her left big toe is bright yellow

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05-09-05, 02:54
She scapes from the hospital. She returns to the Mansion (swandiving :D ) and fights with the spirit

SpongeBob Lover
05-09-05, 03:31
She sucks at fighting the spirit and calls for back up. After she calls back up she goes in this room filled with guns and special equipment and gets good guns.

just croft
05-09-05, 09:52
she gets the desert eagle and the mp5, when she comes back kurtis is alredy fighting the spirit.

05-09-05, 13:52
She asks herself "what the hell is doing Kurtis here?!". Kurtis can't fight the spirit and escapes. Lara insults him and keeps fighting

05-09-05, 14:05
When her ammo runs out, she throws the guns away in disgust - saying as the spirit flies towards her "OK, the joke ends NOW!" - just then the walls melt away and she sees a tiny hunched figure nearby.

(PS - what IS it about swandiving? :confused: :D )

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just croft
05-09-05, 14:25
I'ts another littel monalisa, but then she starts seeing more and more and the spirit becomes greenish and imitates laras body (like a mirror).

05-09-05, 14:40
"Very pretty" sneered Lara, smoothly pointing her pistols in its direction. "Now tell me what's going on or I might just lose my temper."

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05-09-05, 15:15
sorry looking at wrong page! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/c-2.gif

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just croft
05-09-05, 15:40
The mirror spirit repeated "Now tell me what's going on or I might just lose my temper," and lara shot one bullet.

Greenkey2 just to remeber its one line per post next time use "," instead of ".".

05-09-05, 18:32
A bullet comes from the spirit at the same moment, and as Lara dodges it, the spirit dodges the bullet from Lara.

(Bah, about the dieing and waking up thing, have you ever had a dream were you died? Then woke up and was fine? It makes sense to me, and plus it was a quick way to get out of cannibal lara story.)

just croft
05-09-05, 19:54
"Why do I know this is gonna be hard", and at the same time kurtis enters the front door, "didn't I seet you home" asked lara to him, then with his powers kurtis gets the gun from lara and shots her on the chest, the spirit and lara die, then running to her he trie to revive her with his powers.

06-09-05, 02:52
Kurtis has a heart attack and dies, and a rat eats the body!!!. Lara wakes up again and sees a note. "I don't care about Mona Lisa"

just croft
06-09-05, 09:24
The note was from Kurtis lara starts crying and kisses kurtis dead body, and in that momenten winston come in and askes her "how could you betray me, all those nights were a lie", lara stands up and points a gun at winston " his the one I relly love".

Jacob x5
06-09-05, 12:47
Suddenly a giant plastic dog comes out of nowhere and crushes winston, then it eats Lara and she is inside his tummy and she does some swandives to cheer herself up.

06-09-05, 13:08
Until she realised that she had unconsciously been daydreaming about Jung symbolism and snapped out of it - only to find that someone was knocking at the door.

(PPS - no offence, but are some people here on hallucinogenic coffee????? http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/clown.gif )

06-09-05, 14:12
Lara opens the door, and its Kurtis in some footy pjs with little pink elephants all over it.

(How did you know I drink that stuff Greenkey2?)

06-09-05, 15:46
he explains to her that the strange oval backi n the place where he was fighting ghosts was a time breaker and it showed an illusory picture of kurtis dead and that he had in fact escaped minutes earlier.

06-09-05, 15:54
Trying not to laugh, Lara asks him about the PJs - he replies rather sheepishly that he was locked in her wardrobe by a gang that stole his clothes and had to grab whatever was to hand when Lara opened the door.

(Kurtis in fluffy pink-elephant PJs? http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/vlol.gif )

06-09-05, 15:55
He was tired and wanted to go to bed (in his pink pjs) so Lara took him upstairs but there weren't any spare rooms because there were only three doors upstairs, one to her room, one to the attic and one which was just painted on.

(ooh we did that at the same time spooky !)

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06-09-05, 16:16
[so what happened to the 'mansion' then http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/c-2.gif ]

anyways Kurtis then sleeps in the Living room...well not quite, he sleepwalks, an side of him that Lara knew nothing about so she freaks out when she sees a shadow move across the room toward the refrigerator.

PS: She fails, however, to notice the shadowy fluffs around the ....shadow, which happen to be the fluffly pink elephant PJs

[ 06. September 2005, 19:41: Message edited by: Andromeda66 ]

06-09-05, 18:45
She runs to the fridge and sees her dad, not sure if it is a ghost or really him.

06-09-05, 19:08
It fades without a sound just as Kurtis shambles (sleepwalking) into a wall and wakes up with a start - blinking at Lara he says, 'Urh, I was having a really weird dream, erm...why am I down here again?'

just croft
06-09-05, 20:17
Lara askes him " what do you mean by being here again" kurtis ansewer well I had a dream where Was chacing a goast and then I had to kill you to kill it but konw i'm here" a lara repeated after im " ahn that was my dream too".

06-09-05, 22:09
Kurtis beats Lara and Lara kills him. Lara enters to the mansion and finds Winston dead with her aunty.

just croft
06-09-05, 22:29
"what are all my draems together", she goes to the frige and finds a satue holding a littel mona lisa and a sipirt that looks like lara.

06-09-05, 23:23
Lara finds the only way of stopping this. Lara shots the Mona Lisa and everything goes back to normal.

SpongeBob Lover
07-09-05, 01:28
(It sounds like you just endid this)

But just after she shoots the mona lisa the painting grows bigger and the the eyes turn red and she has eyebrows suddenly brother obscura comes back with the ice spirit she curses and takes out her shotgun W/grenades.

just croft
07-09-05, 10:44
the painting is inside the spirit body, but lara can see it cuz the spirit is "glassy", so she sees that the shotgun wount do and she takes out the rocket lucher and fires the mona lisa explodes with him. Evry thing goes back to normal, and lara says " oh **** I almost forgot mission on Peru!"

07-09-05, 11:31
And then thinks... "Well... peruvian people is not my favourite... and, I don't wanna discover things of my past either http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif ". She goes to Russia for vacations

07-09-05, 11:42
After several weeks of sampling vodka and taking in the sites, Lara finds herself at a cafe in Moscow....

She notices a large, gruff-looking man stting opposite her, sipping lukewarm coffee and reading a newspaper.

just croft
07-09-05, 11:53
he gets a shotgun from a box and lara say's "put the the gun back in the box", and the men "says hasta la vista babe" and shots but lara only losses 20% of her live.

[ 07. September 2005, 12:54: Message edited by: just croft ]

07-09-05, 11:58
Furious at being shot at, Lara overturns the table on him while grabbing the shotgun's muzzle and, in a nifty motion, swings it round to smack him in the face.

just croft
07-09-05, 12:10
he goes agains the wall and sudenlty Puts the xian dragger on his body, the the ora dagger, the element 115, and all the stuff from tr1 -to tr6.

[ 07. September 2005, 13:12: Message edited by: just croft ]

07-09-05, 12:18
(Might need some anti-acid tablets for that one.....)

As Lara stands stupified by his insanity, he gives a great shriek, falls to the ground and dissolves into a bubbling black hole - the power of the artifacts warping space and pulling our heroine towards oblivion! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/yikes.gif

just croft
07-09-05, 12:51
she tries to escape and she does it so she sprints all the way to china and realizes that the back hole will consume the world so the sanwdive to Sedna. (next planet after pluton, decoverd recently)

07-09-05, 15:27
But she isnt exactly trained to survive in 0 vacuum and 0 gravity so she explodes and re-materialises and lands in Afghanistan where she's immediately held hostage by Terrorists in their castle's tallest tower with no windows and only one door. She relies on the nexr guy who posts to get her the hell out of here.

EDIT: Sorry for the spoiler but lets just assume, for once, that Lara CANT Swandive herself out of this one :D .

[ 07. September 2005, 16:32: Message edited by: Andromeda66 ]

07-09-05, 16:33
She sees a loose brick in the huge tower she is in, she pushes the brick through and the whole building comes tumbleing down with lara inside!

Is She Dead? http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/yikes.gif

07-09-05, 17:02
(Gosh, this is getting a little tense isn't it? http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/mischievous.gif )

Suddenly she feels a terrible inrush of air and finds herself clinging to a dark-blue skinned creature with yellow eyes. As the dust settles he exclaims 'Ah, got you out Professor! All safe....now.....ah,' he blushes, letting her go sheepishly. 'Wrong franchise, sorry. Must be going.' and with a poof! of inrushing air he vanishes.

07-09-05, 17:06
ahhh nice greenkey very nice :D
edit: I never can get my :D s right the first time. tsk...Anyways, digressions aside...

So our poor Lara is stranded alone in some godforsaken place and she's getting very sick of all this, quite frankly. She wishes she could swandive back to Croft Manor but remembers I disallowed that, scowls at me and tries to think of a better way to get around...for now, her first priority happens to be to find some food...correction, some edible food.

[ 07. September 2005, 18:10: Message edited by: Andromeda66 ]

just croft
07-09-05, 17:18
lolol, andromeda66.

so she finds rat she kills it and has dinner, then she kicks the door and a terrorist comes she puts her hand around his neck, thru the barr door, and kills then when she gets his keys the floor opens and she falls into a room full of terrorists.

07-09-05, 17:20
(Darn it! Beaten to the post!)

The men watch her warily, tracing her movements with their guns. Knowing her situation is a little one-sided, Lara smiles her winning smile and, holding up her hands, says 'OK guys, you got me. Fair win.' This seems to confuse them, and their leader starts gabbling away furiously with his men.

[ 07. September 2005, 18:25: Message edited by: Greenkey2 ]

just croft
07-09-05, 17:24
the terrorists inside the rooms whent crazy!!

07-09-05, 17:24
Ouch just croft! :D (better get her out of here

Okay, she draws her trusty pistols and is ready to shoot when suddenly all the terrorists drop to their feet upon seeing the star on her belt buckle, that being a worthless piece of metal given to her by Winston but its God for them.
So she gets out without having to kill anyone...also she gives them her lemonade being the generous soul that she is. But she keeps the fairy cakes, being the greedy pig that she is, sometimes :D

07-09-05, 17:30
Stepping back outside into the harsh sun, and munching thoughtfully at one of the cakes, Lara spots a plane circling overhead. It lands closeby, and Winston appears, a knotted hanky on his head, and ushers Lara into the plane. "Damn gardener got himself locked in the fridge," he grumbles.

07-09-05, 18:14
When the plane is flying, Winston and Lara argue about him not saving her quicker, she is quite weak from the blazing desert sun and he kicks her, she falls out the plane and does a death scream. Arrrrr Aahhhhhhhh ( AoD scream )

07-09-05, 20:50
( Ponders hard trying to think her way out of THIS one.....)

Fortunately, Winston (knowing what kind of situations Lara gets into) preprogrammed Lara's emergency parachute to be scream-activated. It opens just as they are passing over an aircraft carrier in the open ocean, and she lands safely aboard.

http://fool.exler.ru/sm/bis.gif( Oh yes, I'm good!)

07-09-05, 21:34
She lands safely aboard a pirate ship with a bunch of dirty, perverted and drunk pirates who just had a celebration because they found a ton of burried treasure.

(aircraft carrier...NOT! Hehehe)

[ 07. September 2005, 22:36: Message edited by: SydneyFox ]

SpongeBob Lover
07-09-05, 22:32
Lara is greedy so she takes out her double pistols kills the pirates and takes the treasure herselk but then another boat with greedy pirates
comes for the treasure so Lara gets her pistols and starts shooting every one.

just croft
07-09-05, 22:51
her bullets end so she putts the trasur of the size of her mansion on her backpack, sawndives the the water and swims to Great Britain.

08-09-05, 09:43
http://fool.exler.ru/sm/shrk.gif (Muhahahaha, she's not going to escape so easily.... http://www.websmileys.com/sm/evil/teu80.gif)

With the weight of all that treasure Lara sinks like a stone, but shedding her backpack at the last moment she manages to avoid drowning. She surfaces to find the land covered in tree ferns and volcanoes - she's gone back in time 70 million years!

EDIT: http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/yikes.gif OH **** this is my 666 post!!!! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/yikes.gif

[ 08. September 2005, 10:47: Message edited by: Greenkey2 ]

just croft
08-09-05, 09:53
so she she sees that she only not, 70 milion years back in time but she's, a long long time ago in a galaxi far far away.... http://www.clicksmilies.com/s0105/starwars/star-wars-smiley-023.gif http://www.clicksmilies.com/s0105/auto/car-smiley-004.gif

congretulations on you 666 post Gkey2! http://www.clicksmilies.com/s0105/party/party-smiley-020.gif

edit: double semile.

[ 08. September 2005, 10:55: Message edited by: just croft ]

08-09-05, 10:07
(Haha thanks, - but Lara's still not out of the woods yet...)

She swims to shore, wary of dangerous creatures (including Jedi) and her stomach growling with hunger. She finds a family of Ewoks who pretend to be friendly - until they tie her up for THEIR dinner.

just croft
08-09-05, 10:19
then enters any and obi-wan (wille their still master aperntice and any is on the light side) they kill the Ewoks and ask quetions to lara about who she is.
> lara > http://www.clicksmilies.com/s0105/starwars/star-wars-smiley-015.gif

[ 08. September 2005, 12:47: Message edited by: just croft ]

08-09-05, 12:07
(lol just croft :D )

Before Lara can speak, they are interrupted by a terrible roaring and a T-rex comes crashing through the undergrowth. The Jedi cower behind Lara (T-rexes were never in their contract ;) ) while she bravely steps up and whacks it with a branch - knocking it out.

08-09-05, 12:55
Another T-Rex appears, and tryes to kill Lara, but it can't, so the T-Rex go to eat all the people in the place and Lara can't stop it.

just croft
08-09-05, 14:57
so she gets on a ship and flys to mustafar, meanwill she finds jar jar bings hiden on the ship.

08-09-05, 15:16
and he says 'Hellooo Dalee Lara...(oh mesa mean LADY Lara)! Whatsa yousa be doing hea?"

Lara explains...

08-09-05, 15:39
But then the ship is rocked by explosions as Darth Vader's start destroyer approaches and stormtroopers begin boarding! Lara locks Jar Jar in a storage locker to keep him out of trouble, then grabs a lightsabre to confront Darth Vader http://www.clicksmilies.com/s0105/starwars/star-wars-smiley-023.gif

08-09-05, 15:47
Darth Vader walks up to her, ready to strike. He looks at her, waves his lightsaber (which turns out ot be a red carrot) and says " *chomp chomp* Eeya...whats up doc?"

http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/vlol.gif Dont mind me, I'm feeling a little crazy http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/vlol.gif

08-09-05, 16:49
Lara grabs the carrot off him and munches onit, mmmm this is nice she says, but really it was poisoned and made lara fall asleep on the spot...

just croft
08-09-05, 18:21
when she wake up she in corassant, in a prison, a guard is in front of the door and on a tv she can see the news, the republic is now an empire...

08-09-05, 19:03
She starts talking to the gaurd an lures him into undoing the gate by saying she will give him Croft Manor, of course she was lying, she kicked him in the head and took his uzi..

08-09-05, 20:01
She runs down the corridor, eyes darting left and right, until she comes to the escape pods. There are two droids arguing over them, but she elbows them aside and climbs in (a nifty bit of computer work masks her life signs as it plummets to a nearby planet).

('Artoo, was that who I thought it was?' 'Bo-deep do BEEP!' 'You're quite right. How we're ever going to get her autograph I really don't know how.')

09-09-05, 04:33
Lara crash lands on the alien planet right in front of an anceint alien temple.

09-09-05, 08:56
A smile crosses her lips as she loads her pistols and ventures inside.

[ 09. September 2005, 09:57: Message edited by: Greenkey2 ]

09-09-05, 16:28
A huge green alien jumps her from behind, with no medipacks and just her pistols

Could this be the end?

09-09-05, 16:35

It advances with a hideous screeching. Just as Lara starts firing her guns, a man in a dark leather jacket skids out of an alcove and throws a bucket of vinegar at the alien - which swells and pops like an over-ripe gooseberry. He flashes her a winning smile and dashes off down the hallway, shouting something about 'stupid apes getting themselves into trouble'.

09-09-05, 16:44
Lara who is still on the ground, just sits there puzzeled...

09-09-05, 16:50
She picks up the medipacks that magical appeared on the ground after the alien exploded, and follow the mysterious man in the dark leather jacket down the hallway mumbling "If thats friggen Kurtis again I swear!" >.>

09-09-05, 16:57
As the tunnel gets darker, Lara gropes blindly, muttering under her breath. The man looked too fresh to have been wandering around inside a dusty tomb for any time. Just then she hears a strange noise, but when she turns the corner, all she sees is the dim outline of a large object with 'POLICE BOX' written on the side.

Mona Sax
09-09-05, 16:59
Edit: Too late, please ignore post.

[ 09. September 2005, 18:02: Message edited by: MonA saX ]

just croft
09-09-05, 17:47
so she opens and there's a radio inside, she call for something and a voice says...

09-09-05, 17:57
"The station you're trying to reach, is currently unavailable, please try again, later. Thank you"

Mona Sax
09-09-05, 18:02
Strangely, when Lara checks, she finds there are no batteries in the radio.

09-09-05, 18:17
Suddenly she hears a sound outside. Blending into the shadows, she makes her way through the door and ghosts along the hallway, to where the noise is coming from. An eerie blue light dances on the ceiling, and the sound seems to be someone sobbing quietly...

09-09-05, 18:19
Lara suddenly falls un-concious, after not having any food for days.

Is this then end http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif ...

09-09-05, 18:23
(you should have included a question mark at the end of that sentence!! :D )

Lara wakes up, slowly and feeling very groggy. She turns over, feeling a drip inside her arm and with the granddaddy of headaches, to find she's lying on a hospital bed. The room is quiet and sunlit, and there are flowers on her bedside locker.

09-09-05, 19:56
She looks down at her body and notices that she is wearing fluffy pyjamas courtesy of Kurtis Trent (back to the pink pyjama bit guys!).

09-09-05, 20:48
One of the little pink elephants on her pyjamas opens its mouth, revealing teeth that would make a shark jealous. Hissing dangerously, it crawls up towards Lara's neck.

09-09-05, 20:55
Lara tenses, ready to swat it away, but Kurtis appears round the door and grabs her wrist, calling her name. "Lara! Geez, man, cool it. You're hallulcinating again. Doctor's said you picked up some rare bug on your last trip. Get me? There's nothing there. It's OK, Lara."

09-09-05, 20:57
Lara does a death scream Aaaaaarrrrr Aarrrrrrr ( AoD Scream )

09-09-05, 21:01
And starts coughing... Dangerously http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

09-09-05, 21:03
Kurtis lunges over to hit the summons. A harrassed-looking doctor trailing nurses hurries in and together they get an oxygen mask over Lara's mouth, as she convulses ever more violently.

(Blimey, Lara, what DID you eat????)

09-09-05, 23:24
She gets on a coma, and she sees herself flying in the sky. Winston appears and kills her

10-09-05, 01:33
Or so she thought -she managed to awake from the coma, and dazed, she stared into Kurtis' glittering blue eyes. "Kurtis?" She asked, in a painful manner. "Shhh... its okay. You just picked up that bug on the trip, as I told you, remember?" As he comforted her, his fingers silenty stroked her lips. :D http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

10-09-05, 02:07
After that, he slowly started to struggle Lara, as she claimed mercy. And he whispers "shhh, it's ok, you'll be in a better place in a few minutes"

10-09-05, 07:26
Lara slaps him...

10-09-05, 09:45
His features melt together and change. It's Karel in disguise! The force of Lara's slap forces him backwards, where he trips and falls out of the open window.

just croft
10-09-05, 11:19
Lara sick with that she trows her slef out of the window waiting for some miracle to happend.

congerts on your 700 posts Greenkey2! http://www.clicksmilies.com/s0105/party/party-smiley-020.gif

10-09-05, 14:55
Congratulations Greenkey!

Lara Swandives (Oh heavens :rolleyes: ) straight into the pond outside and is just about to surface when something pulls her down. It isnt Kurtis http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/c-2.gif

10-09-05, 16:54
It's Karel in an octopus disguise!

just croft
10-09-05, 18:44

it puts and arm around lara's neck and she becomes hold just by it.

SpongeBob Lover
10-09-05, 18:56
Lara pinches the octopus and it starts crying. Lara breaks lose gets out the polluted pond and she sees Kurtis, she walk over to Kurtis and falls Lara sprains her ankle. Kurtis says "Lara what are you doing in the pond. Lara on the ground says "I dont know" so then Kurtis carries Lara to her mansion.

10-09-05, 19:28
Kurtis tries to struggle her again, and Lara says "I'm tired of your freaking mental problem" and kills him.

[ 10. September 2005, 20:50: Message edited by: mau3genius ]

just croft
10-09-05, 20:12
then winston appers and neils near kurtis body, " you mad old c**, what's wrong with you you mental freack?". " well I'm sick of you too."

10-09-05, 20:50
Thanks just croft and Andromeda http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/hug.gif

At which point, a black car comes rolling up and several men in sunglasses stride out towards them. One seems to be showing a card ID, but before he can open his mouth Lara turns on him, stating in a cold, deliberate voice "No, I'm not interested in fighting aliens, rescuing VIPs, hunting for ancient artifacts or double-glazing. I'm going to go inside, make a cocoa and NO ONE is to disturb me for the next eight months. IS THAT UNDERSTOOD??"

10-09-05, 21:29
But then, one of the guys pulled off their agent-like sunglasses and grabbed her arm. "Kurtis? I thought -" and she looked over at the body. "If you're Kurtis, who's that?" She asked silently. "That, Lara, is a body of a traitor. Of AN enemy. I'll explain it to you inside." He insisted. "Wait, Lara...." he paused. "Yes, Kurtis?" She asked. "Will, will you marry me?" He got down on his knees, smiling shyly yet confidently at her. In awe she stood; not knowing what to do. "I hardly know you, but, why not." She broke down, and hugged him.

The next morning she found herself in her bed, with none other than Kurtis. "What, happened?" She yawned. "I think I'm going to get a pregnancy test." She stated.

A few weeks later, she discovered that she was indeed pregnant with Kurtis' child.

http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif I know its long but whatever.

just croft
10-09-05, 22:42
It were long nine months but went it was born it was... (he/she or even (strangly) it)

10-09-05, 22:58
Two hours before she was getting married she told Kurtis. "Kurtis, I was joking, I don't want to marry you, bye!". She grabs a scissor and aborts the baby, and runs with Winston.

11-09-05, 04:52
The octopus tenticles wrap around her and tighten, slowly squeezing, trying to force her to let go of her breath.

(is this the end? BTW:Pink fluffy elephant pajamis with footies! =D)

just croft
11-09-05, 12:59
but with some power kurtis gave her she kill the octupus and runs to tibet.

11-09-05, 16:29
All is quiet up in the mountains, and Lara finally starts to feel at peace after so much mental and physical strain. She has managed to stay at a remote temple in the foothills of Everest, and spends her days praying with the monks, meditating and hiking through pristine snowfields and trekking across glaciers. For once in her life, Lara starts to experience true escapism; though in her heart she knows her fragile solitude will not last forever.

(*sigh* that's what I could do with right now! :D )

just croft
11-09-05, 16:33
then she has an head hack and falls asleep, she only waks up 1 year later a cave

[ 11. September 2005, 17:36: Message edited by: just croft ]

11-09-05, 17:07
There are wierd cave men all around her, lara is up a mountain and then she swan dives off of it

just croft
11-09-05, 19:28
but the fall was too big and she breaks her arm.

12-09-05, 02:26
She found the way to go back to the mansion and Winston helped her there.

(By the way, SidneyFox, you went back to the octopus thing without even connecting it with the pregnancy and the marriage in the story)

[ 12. September 2005, 03:27: Message edited by: mau3genius ]

12-09-05, 12:08
He made her a cocoa and left her to snooze in front of Doctor Who. Just as she is drifting off to sleep, she sits up, staring at the TV, remembering the alien temple - the man in the dark jacket was the Doctor!! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/yikes.gif

12-09-05, 14:12
Winston reads Lara's mind, and reveals he's an alien (?). Lara tries to escape but Winston injects her with Chloroform, and now she's asleep.

12-09-05, 15:37
She wakes up and she is chaned to a wall...

just croft
12-09-05, 23:06
she is with a swimsuit and there is a poll in frot of her winston is walking on top of it and there is a seal under him, it almost like is walking it. (like walking a dog)

13-09-05, 15:40
Lara escapes from the chains and runs towards the door

13-09-05, 16:40
But the chloroform, still in her system, makes her suddenly dizzy. She sits down and tries to think her way out. With her head still pounding, it takes her a few seconds to realise someone is watching her through a grill in the ceiling.

just croft
13-09-05, 16:45
she lookes beather and she sees larson

13-09-05, 16:49
(Nice avatar, just croft! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif )

Larson waves, mouthing the words 'stand back'. Then he takes out a blowtorch and cuts the grill away. Lara swings up into a narrow crawlspace, and crouches as Larson leads the way down a series of air vents.

just croft
14-09-05, 10:51
Lara continuis on her way tru the vents when she see that Larson is no longer in sight, she comes back into the same room she sees that there isn't one.

(thx Greenkey2, your is very funny too I alway laught when I see it! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif )

14-09-05, 17:08
Is this a dream? She wonders...

just croft
14-09-05, 18:13
she lookes bether and sees that it isn't a dream a small door closed the vent so she goes on another way.

15-09-05, 10:41
She's crawling along, her jeans getting scuffed, her back aching, her neck and head still sore, when with a grind of metal, the floor of the vent gives way - Lara crashing unceremoniously to the ground.

just croft
17-09-05, 19:24
she gets up slowly and sees Larson in front of her with an alian from Half-life
(1) then she picks her pair of gun and points one at each.

just croft
21-09-05, 18:54
she shot the alian in the eye and it dies. Lara asks Larson "what the **** is going on?"

<Ijust wroute after me cuz this topic was on page 3>

21-09-05, 19:19
She starts running and realises that she broke her right hand

just croft
21-09-05, 19:23
she cant feel it so she droops the gun and will looking back at larson he starts laughing and she beats the wall and fall but she still get consious.

21-09-05, 19:35
As Larson quickly peers around the corner to see where Lara's at, she rushes to catch her balance and dodges his sharp lazer-like stare.

[ 21. September 2005, 21:13: Message edited by: xMiSsCrOfTx ]

21-09-05, 20:10
(Lazer stare???? :confused: )

He takes a swing at her with a rusty spanner, but Lara (ever the athlete) dodges out of its way, shoulder barges Larson and sends him backwards into a dark, bottomless pit........there is a horrible thrunch sound a few seconds later http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/mischievous.gif

21-09-05, 20:15
Err, typo... :rolleyes: My bad.

After savoring the victorious moment, Lara started for the exit, as she heard something from behind.

22-09-05, 06:17
Lara hears a too familiar sound. Several bullets just miss her.

only Croft
22-09-05, 10:59
it was neo who stoped them.

23-09-05, 08:47
still in pain from the broken hand,Lara gets up to see what had happened but is hit in the back of the head by a hard object and she passes out...

just croft
23-09-05, 09:45
she wakes up houers later in the future in the talles building in the world, 200 flors, tower Millennium.

23-09-05, 20:02
She swan dives off the top...

23-09-05, 20:37
...and lands in a huge pool in a dark room.

23-09-05, 21:00
...She emerges with only a few cuts and bruises.

23-09-05, 21:33
...when she climbs out of the pool she sees....

23-09-05, 21:42
...Winston in pink elephant Pj-s

Mona Sax
23-09-05, 21:44
:mad: too late

Screaming, she jumps back into the pool.

[ 23. September 2005, 22:47: Message edited by: MonA saX ]

23-09-05, 22:10
Winston jumps in right after her, shouting, "Lara! Wait!" http://x.myspace.com/images/blog/moods/iBrads/crazy.gif

[ 23. September 2005, 23:12: Message edited by: xMiSsCrOfTx ]

24-09-05, 07:48
Very disoriented she finds a ledge and climbs out of the water only to find that...

just croft
24-09-05, 09:45
she is on the top of a building above the clodes, she can only see a part of the millennium tower and some roof tops far away, then winston cames and...

[ 24. September 2005, 10:47: Message edited by: just croft ]

24-09-05, 09:57
...sais "Miss Croft I must tell you...", but Lara just keeps on running, and using her grabling gun, shoots at a buliding in the distance.She grabs the rope and leaning on it, begins to descend until reaching the building.

24-09-05, 18:42
Then she swandived( :D ) off the building and landed back in her mansion

24-09-05, 19:45
(Hmmm.....wonders how that works :confused: but hey, what the hell!)

A piano starts playing somewhere in the distance, but Lara doesn't seem to hear it - instead she flops down on a couch, shrugs off her jacket and cracks open a bottle of beer *gulg glug*.

(The look she's sending me kind of suggests she wants some time out from our madcap adventures. You know the one - the 'I'll shoot if you don't go away NOW!' look :rolleyes: ;) )

24-09-05, 21:55
Suddenly she hears a strange sound...like someone trying to break down the front door with a tea tray

25-09-05, 10:34
...it's the mailman.Lara runs to him and sees that he's trying to get in her property by hiting the gate with a piece of metal.
"You must help me!Someone is folowing me!",he says.

just croft
26-09-05, 19:58
Lara Says that she is too tired and breaks his neck than she goes to an helicopter and the guy who was flowing the guy happers running, it was Marco Bartoli, so Lara takes off Laughing like a criminal in batman, then she goes all the way to...

27-09-05, 06:18
...Greece where she can finally relax...or so she thought...

just croft
28-09-05, 20:04
Marco Bartoli Happear in her hotel poll when she was preparing to swim, he doesn't say anything or moves a muscule the a hicopter comes and trows a later to lara so Lara takes off Laughing like a criminal in batman, then she goes all the way to...

just croft
30-09-05, 20:02
...Bora Bora were...

30-09-05, 21:01
(Do I detect a hint of repetition there? http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/mischievous.gif )

She plonks herself down in the first bar she comes to and orders an ice-cold lagar - casting threatening looks to anyone who stares at her in a funny way.

just croft
30-09-05, 21:47
(Well I was just saveing it,it was on page 3)

...She Picks her guns up and everybody runs way, exept some one, Marco Bartoli. "you again! I'm not in a mud for adventure." and she shots him in the heat but it was just a doll and the real Marco apperas bihind her and points a gun to her head...

01-10-05, 09:50
Lara turns around very fast and manages to get Bartoli's gun.

[ 01. October 2005, 10:52: Message edited by: j layas ]

just croft
01-10-05, 11:33
...but 5 vans come and get around them, then men with ak's Jump from the vans, and Laught like a criminal in batman old series...

01-10-05, 14:51
Lara sees that she can't take all of them, so she runs towords the closest window, dodging several bullets, and jumps out...

just croft
01-10-05, 15:12
she gets up and see a hummer in fron of her, jumps in and tries to run over Bartoli.

03-10-05, 06:06
the car just misses Bartoly and Lara accelerates
heading to her mansion to get a rest.

just croft
03-10-05, 16:53
...then With no winston To bother her she whent to bed but guesse who was on it...


just croft
11-10-05, 19:58
...Lara didn't asked him any thing cuz she was too anoyed for forgeting her till this topic got to page 6...

12-10-05, 08:07
Lara pulls out her gun and ...

tlr online
12-10-05, 08:09
drills two rounds of lead into a staunch looking, slightly pale...

12-10-05, 08:13
Trl beat me to it!

(btw cool avatar JC http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif )

[ 12. October 2005, 09:25: Message edited by: j layas ]

just croft
12-10-05, 13:39
THX! I like your too it makes me feel that your important.

...then lara starts crying with everything that happend to her in the past days, everyone she killed and lost, so she falls down. then she wakes up in her bed and sees a note under the pilow...

13-10-05, 17:47
Its a party invitation from spongebob Squarepants!

just croft
15-10-05, 21:37
But it was for winston...

(lol this is so going back to the begining)

15-10-05, 21:43
Lara was shocked, she decided to get reveange on Winston, so she put in Winstons tea a spoonful of....

just croft
15-10-05, 21:49


15-10-05, 23:35
Winston drinks the vodka tea (?) and gets asleep-

16-10-05, 08:38
Lara decides to go to the party in Winstons place, but...

16-10-05, 15:42
Kurtis calls her and ask Lara, to date with him...

16-10-05, 15:51
...but Winston wakes up and is mad at Lara, so he decides to go in her place...

16-10-05, 16:17
Kurtis falls in love with Winston, and Lara wants to kill him...!

just croft
16-10-05, 16:23
then Winston goes to take a shower, (like in Hitch****'s Psyco), and Lara happears with a knife on her hand and cut's Winston to death. like in Hitch****'s Psyco) Winston screams and that music starts....


[ 16. October 2005, 17:26: Message edited by: just croft ]

16-10-05, 16:25
Lara kills wintston, but she can't kill Kurtis, because she's got seduce by Kurtis.

just croft
16-10-05, 16:28
...Then he grabs her and and says: "Lara, I never loved Winston, come, run away with me to mars" " but how will we get there?"... "Swandive!"...

16-10-05, 17:53
Yay! Swandive! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif ...

Winston reappears and kisses Kurtis. Lara kills him and kills Kurtis too for being charming people.

16-10-05, 18:05
After a moment of thought Lara realises that Winston's her faithful butler and she must bring him back to life, so she leaves in search of an artefact....

just croft
16-10-05, 19:24
...the Ractazumaniocarutamunasareaopitadelamareauma that in join with aqueleartefactoquesejuntaaooutroqueeunãosabiaoquel heiachamar can bring life to any one...

...the artifact was situated in...

( BTW In the above post were winston was killed in the shower in a psyco's imitation I rote Hitch**** and the word **** appeared with "*" Why? I someones name and sience when is that a bad word?)

[ 16. October 2005, 20:27: Message edited by: just croft ]

16-10-05, 20:09
(the last part of the name is a bad word, after Hitch)

...Bangladesh. Lara had to defeat the bangladesh band of mutants to obtain the artifact and bring but to life the stupid butler ¬¬

just croft
16-10-05, 20:21
...but that was only the Ractazumaniocarutamunasareaopitadelamareauma part she also had to find the aqueleartefactoquesejuntaaooutroqueeunãosabiaoquel heiachamar in...

16-10-05, 20:59
in Tokyo. After Lara reads the names, she says she's going to suicide if someone doesn't short the names!!

17-10-05, 06:30
In Tokyo Lara searches for the artefact but finds out that somebody else got it first, and that is...

just croft
17-10-05, 20:02
...aqulegajotodochaladoqueninguemsabenemnuncaviune mquersaber, the men was tall and had blcak hair thats what she found out till now of google shearching, so wille waiting lara fownd in a book a short name to the Artifact (at mau3genius's request) it was akeleatfatotodranhoso...

EDIT: god! wrighting after school is so nice expecialy to wright avatar instead of artifact.

[ 20. October 2005, 23:03: Message edited by: just croft ]

20-10-05, 16:21
she found the artefacts, went home and brought winston bak 2 life.

just croft
20-10-05, 22:06
...but in revenge the men who owned the artifac get revenge from lara and kills her and then winton... the nxt day Kurtis comes and in revenge goes to search for the men who killed Lara...

(so now were making a story with kurtis not with lara)

just croft
23-10-05, 20:29
...But it seems this was on page 3 cuz no one liked kurtis. So lara woke up in her bed with a note under her bed. it was for...

24-10-05, 06:25
(hey JC, you have an interesting new avatar :D )

...Winston, but Lara had the feeling of deja-vu so she...

Darko Ivanis
24-10-05, 11:02
changed her panties,goes to the kitchen, make a three eggs, and eat them with drinking a beer...

[ 24. October 2005, 12:06: Message edited by: Doba ]

Darko Ivanis
24-10-05, 11:39
while she was thinking about Winston's note ''AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA **** i was high last night and i felt sleept naked aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, maybe he taked off the pled and saw me naked or touched me or maybe he taked a picture of me, and put it on internet or aaaaaaaaaaa i must kill that mother****er '' and '' aaaaaaaaaaaa maybe he showed it to Kurtis aaaaaaaaaaa i must kill both mother****ers, where is my gun, hell gun'' she taked her AK-47, finished the beer and went out of apartment!

24-10-05, 15:13
Then she woke up...

[ 24. October 2005, 16:14: Message edited by: Quiver. ]

24-10-05, 15:17
...She felt the cold sweat on the back of her neck, she was clearly out of it. As she started for the bathroom, the doorbell rang...

just croft
24-10-05, 15:18
And she realized that she was doing the same every time... wake up find a note under the bed and the note being for winston... so she dicided to take a vacation in Lisbon.

24-10-05, 17:24
...Lara packed her bags and prepared to relax on her trip (and maybe find some nice artefacts) so she took her private plane...

Darko Ivanis
24-10-05, 17:37
but plane crashed in Himalayas, and she losted all alcohol she had ih her bags (unfortunately in full bags was only that)!