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27-10-05, 19:38
Hey, I wasnt sure to post this on the Legend forum so I did it here, last night Ia had a weird dream, it was so exciting in a way, I hopped out of bed and written it on paper, cos later in the day, u forget all the dream you had that night before, anyways heres what happened:

I had a dream about I had got Tomb Raider Legend, I couldnt wait to get home, I had the game in the bag and couldnt stop looking at the cover, I got home and put it on my computer, it worked and I started playing, I remember seeing this large rocky mountain, and Lara was riding a motorbike on this large rocky mountain road, ahnyways, later there was a cutscene with Lara in this room with lots of diffeent lights, and James Rutland had a computer in front of him, and Lara dioved forward and tackled him, they wrere rolling around on the floor fighting, then all of a sudden, they're naked! They obvioulsy just had um.....(u can figure it out ;) )...So they were just cuddling and kissing. And that was it.

It was weird, but I think I this plot stuck in ym head off this program I watched on Tuesday night called Love Soup on BBC, this woman was in a car park, noticed a man in her car hotwiring it, she jumped in, they have a brumble, and next you see them naked in the back of a car seat, its amazing how things creep into your mind

Ill be writing down more dreams from now on!

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27-10-05, 20:31
BTW, Love soup is on BCC1 at 21:00 every Tuesday.

Its a funny comedy!

27-10-05, 21:23
That is one WEIRD dream, mate!

27-10-05, 21:39
I know, and they say nemisis love is hot :rolleyes:

Laras Backpack
28-10-05, 15:07
I have wierd TR related dreams too! :D I was thinking about tr four and the dinos from tr3 one day and that night i dreamt that London (my home city) was rampaged by a gang of Ancient Egyptian priests riding on dinosaurs!
And THAT was the part of the dream that actually made sence. Why I also dreamt that the ghost busters were involved is a mystery to me... :confused: