View Full Version : Tombraiderchronicles.com - Slowest Site Ever!

08-01-03, 19:18
This site really deserves some sort of award.
Something like "The Slowest Site of the Net" award.

Why is the entire tombraiderchronicles.com get-up
sooooo sooo slow? It feels slower than a 28.8 dial up. It's not like this site is overwhelmed
by people. When posting this only 9 people were logged on. (members+guests)

If this is a temporary problem...then excuse my direct comments. But I've been around for
quite some time and it has always been like this.

Hope things get better soon.

08-01-03, 19:36
It has always been like this, at least since I have been here...although lately there are an infuriatingly excessive number of 404 errors...

tlr online
08-01-03, 19:36
IMF-Arel-. Site is receiving over 20,000 users per day, and we simply do not have the funds to upgrade our dedicated line atm. At present our costs frequently loiter around 1,000 UK pounds per month. We rather hoped the quality of our production would outweigh the inconvenience of waiting slightly longer to receive it.

Still, thanks for your support!

Seth, Ruler of Evil
08-01-03, 19:42
Just a little idea. I've heard that PHP/MySQL is very fast. Converting to that would speed up the site I believe (but it may be too hard and complicated).

tlr online
08-01-03, 19:44
Thank you El Diablo, but we have already optimized the performance of our servers. The issue is with bandwidth saturation and nothing else. We are also painfully aware how saturated our line becomes during peak hours, but nothing fires our motivation more than reading posts on our forum complaining about site performance. It's a shame members like IMF-Arel don't put a little more thought into why our site is slow and the ramifications of running an operation on this scale instead of posting flippant remarks here.