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tlr online
10-01-03, 00:06
Sony Computer Entertainment UK (SCE UK) announced today that during the peak selling season of 2002, PlayStation 2 achieved the highest ever sell-through breaking all records in its history for both hardware and software in Japan, North America and Europe.

Since its launch, the installed base of PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system has grown continually all over the world. After the summer of 2002, Sony Computer Entertainment increased the monthly production to over 3 million units and simultaneously rolled out both strategic and tactical sales promotions that resulted in sell-through of 6.5 million units in the month spanning Thanksgiving and Christmas. This number exceeds the sell through of 5 million units achieved during the same period of the previous year.

In the UK specifically, despite the gloomy market predictions, and the launch during this year of two new competitive systems, Sony Computer Entertainment has successfully consolidated its market leadership position with record breaking sales of its PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system for calendar year 2002. With year on sales increased by 12% (unit sales), 2002 was officially the biggest year for Sony Computer Entertainment since the format debuted in 1995.

"Considering 2002 was also the first year that two new competitive formats launched against PS2, we take great pride in the fact that not only have we seen this increase in sales but also are on track to exceed our own sales forecasts," said Ray Maguire, Managing Director of Sony Computer Entertainment UK. "Along with phenomenal sales of hardware, GTA Vice City and The Getaway - both PlayStation 2 exclusives - became the fastest selling video games in the history of the industry and both dominated the charts for the Christmas period." Maguire continued, "It is remarkable to think that in just over two years we are half way to achieving what PlayStation did in seven years."

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