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10-01-03, 12:40
Is it just my imagination, or are the North Koreans beginning to bear resemblance to the Nazis in the 1930's - but with Nuclear Weapons?

I dont knowingly intend to cause any offence to anyone or create a political debate with this topic, Im just wondering if anyone else has noticed the same thing? Some mates were round last night and said the same thing.



MODERATORS, I will not take any offence if you delete this topic.

10-01-03, 12:51
well i do no that:
It has a million-man army ready to cross a demilitarized zone near Seoul, has missiles that can reach Japan from a launching site in Taepodong, its developing missiles that could hit Alaska. It may already have one or two nukes built from plutonium extracted before 1994, the CIA says.

Altough its also said they cant really press the button on a nuclear attack-phew!!

10-01-03, 12:58
but hey there arent that many countries that havnt!!!

Other countries just have different attitudes-what seems a gud idea to one country is bad 2 another!!

lets not 4get- capitalism and communism are opposite ideologies and it is stated in the ideology that they cannot co-exist alongside one another!

mayb that had no relevance but it needs a mention!

id like to share a quote from a historian (cant remember who tho)!!

"If the next war is fought with nuclear weapons the one following it will be fought with bows and arrows"

10-01-03, 13:06
Thanks Miss_lara,

I agree that capitalism and communism dont mix. I also agree highly with the quote you posted, whoever said that seems to be "with it". Nuclear weapons should never have been created, even if they are never used, the threat is powerful enough to change the course of history!!!



10-01-03, 13:08
just wnted to say incase sum1 starts harrasing my intelligence sayin that communis is extinct in North Korea-its falling but not extinct. There are many articles online supporting the fact that it is not dead.

Id lk 2 know what people think of communism, in its ideological form it seems an extremely good system. If it were to work in practices as it does on paper do you think it would be a great success? :confused:

10-01-03, 13:34
Miss_Lara, given the chance and time, I think Communism would be very effective (although history tends to disagree). The problem is not with communism, but with its leaders. Greed and discrimination tend to be the letdowns. Given money (without greed), no discrimination towards minorities (equality) and time (creating and maintaining an effective strategy), communism could work. True equality maybe the solution. On paper it sounds perfect, but there again, so does democracy!

oh, Miss_Lara, Dont worry about people harrassing your intellect, you appear to know what your talking about. ;)

Kind Regards


10-01-03, 16:47
No, I don't think N. Korea compares in any way to the Nazis.

Although politically extreme, the N. Koreans don't have an expansionist outlook like the Nazis did (ie. taking over the whole of Europe then the World). They tend to be more insular, because we haven't heard a peep from them for decades. N. Korea seems quite happy living in it's own Communist 'utopia', and doesn't have fantasies about taking over the world. It is similar to China in many ways, except no-one makes a big hoo-ha about China having nukes.

I hope everyone knows this: that N. Korea DON'T have ICBMs, so even if they do have nuclear devices, they could never launch them to, for example, the United States or Europe. Nor do they have submarines.

Also, I wouldn't take what the CIA say too seriously. If you all remember the Somalia farce in '96, and more recently the bombing of the Chinese embassy (in Belgrade I think), you'll know they're the joke of the world intelligence community. They couldn't spy thier way out of a paper bag...

So I would urge people on here not to get too concerned about N. Korea, as they really are small-fry in military terms.


10-01-03, 23:54
My opinion:

NK is going to take back South Korea (expansionist or not), the US will get itself into another Korean War (wont ever call it a war though), and either NK will be defeated or Vietnam will be replayed in slow motion...

11-01-03, 03:20
the only problem with communism is that it will never be practiced in it's pure form. People will always be what they are and some are greedy, controlling and too willing to step on the weaker to get everything they want. :(

tlr online
11-01-03, 03:23
Dr. Satan. While this topic is engaged in intellectual argument, it will remain active on this forum.

11-01-03, 16:36
Thanks Tlr Online, I was slightly concerned about this topic becoming too political and unrelated to the rest of the site, but it seems to be doing fine...

As far as NK bearing resemblance to the Nazis, I was refering to their organisation and discipline, rather than their ideologies.

I agree with Draco, that NK is going to take SK at some point, and a repeat of Vietnam is the last thing we want to see happen. As for NK being "small-fry" in military terms, thats what was said about the Taliban prior to the horrifick events on 9-11! NK may be reletivly "small" militarily, but that doesnt prevent them from doing alot of damage, with or without nuclear weapons.

ChrisRaider - I take it your not a fan of the CIA then.

Regards, Dr. SATAN.

ps, once gain, it is not my intention to cause any offence to anyone with this topic.

13-01-03, 01:47
Originally posted by Miss_Lara_Croft:
id like to share a quote from a historian (cant remember who tho)!!

"If the next war is fought with nuclear weapons the one following it will be fought with bows and arrows"Miss Lara, the actual quote is from Albert Einstein http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

"If the Third World War is fought with nuclear weapons, the Fourth World War will be fought with sticks and stones."

You were close, though :D

People often mix marxism and communism. The latter is supposedly inspired by the sooner, but it has actually nothing to do with it. The communism ideologies as applied by the old Soviet regime, the Chinese and North Korean governments are a travesty of Karl Marx's theories http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/redface.gif

North Korea rulers certainly have military ambitions; but as for their effective capabilities, we should not forget that half of the population is starving to death. North Korea is one of the poorest countries in the whole Third World.