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11-01-03, 22:25
Last night, a movie starring AJ came on and i was drawn to watch it.

It was called True Women and i thought that Jolie did a fantastic job of portraying a, well... difficult role of half indian, half southern person, born into a family that has slaves and ends up with plenty towards the end.

That accent must be shockingly hard to do over and over and over, but i thought that AJ played the role great, and i give her 5 stars :D for her effort. The other actors didnt slouch and i thought that they played their roles well also.

A modern vision of life in the 1800's, True Women shows life as it was for the women of the era and especially on their fight to create a better society while their husbands and sons go off and fight also (only physically). Im surprised that their were some tough women back then and some took not **** from indians or otherwise, weilding guns and defending themselves and their home.

Anyway... just like to see what our aspiring (or aspired) Jolie did before TR and it was one of few that i havent seen starring AJ.

11-01-03, 22:28

sorry, i didnt think a word beginning with C and ending in P (RA in the middle - hehehe) would be starred out. whats with that... :confused:

11-01-03, 23:40
Duffman my friend, there have always been tough, strong women. Who do you think helt everything togeather when the men went off crusading.
Women have always been left to deal with the manageing of land, property, children, starvation and all else. Women had to nurse the sick and wounded through history. A few were elite and did little but life has been hard for most. If you live in a cave, mud hut or soddy and your family is hungery you give to them first whatever you have. The children get blankets first if its cold.
Sorry, don't mean to preach, and I thank you for noticing and realizing that life hasn't been a bed of roses for women.

11-01-03, 23:55
watch it... hehehe

i was just saying that it may have been a turning point towards equality. dont go justifying nowdays, i know what you are about to say http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif . but i think its better than just before that era on the movie.

Women, slaves, nigros, indians.... all lived similar lives just before that era. Hey, im all for women (um... that doesnt sound right), what i meant to say was, im someone that tries to treat everyone equal.

Tolerance and equality will be some of the biggest weapons in this current war, and there is a war, just not conventionaly like WW1 or WW2. We all have our place, and plz dont take it the wrong way, but women and men are different and are capable of different things, in that, working together in different areas helps everyone in the end.

True Women showed this very well...

12-01-03, 03:23
I saw the last half hour of it.....on channel 9 right http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif ....it seemed good, Angie looked a bit younger in it too.

12-01-03, 03:29
AJ always looks young... hehehe ;)

it was made in 1997, so only a few years before TR. it was good i thought...

12-01-03, 04:57
Too bad tone of voice doesn't come through online. I wasn't ranting even though it reads like it. Heavens, I was serious when I said thank you for noticeing. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

14-01-03, 05:16
we taped that for some reason...havent seen the rest of it...or watched much of it. Everyone in australia saw that right on whatever night it was...just 30 or hour apart.