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Gait Against Theft 15 Oct 2005 19:09:00

By Vagelis Theodorou

Sources: New Scientist

How would you fancy the idea of a single stride or a gait functioning against theft? No, it is not science fiction, but an invention of a team of Finnish scientists promising to protect your cell phone from would-be thefts. The researchers at the VTT Technical Research Centre in Finland developed a pretty original cell phone equipped with sensors recording the users’ pace rhythm. Every now and then, the device measures the current pace rhythm and compares it to that stored in its memory to make sure it is still in the possession of its owner. Should correspondence fail, the cell phone asks the users to insert a password to allow them to make calls or access its memory. Heikki Ailisto of VTT, noted that the method in question is much more effective than just inserting an access code, such as a pin, or using fingerprints, since the monitoring is constant and steady. "It records walking style in the first few hours and constructs what we call a gait code," he explained.

Small in Size, Great in Efficiency

The sensors measure 3 millimetres x 2mm x 2mm, while similar ones have already been installed in cell phones allowing the users to play games by just shaking their gadget.

The gait code is a biometric method for identifying a person. It usually analyses a video of a subject as they walk past a camera and is deemed less reliable than analysing fingerprints or iris.

Mr Ailisto, however, underlined that the cell phone manufactured at VTT identified its being carried by another than its legitimate holder 98% of the time.

He did not miss to add, though, that the method has limited capacities. The results it yielded were pretty promising when the phone was placed on a user’s belt rather than in a bag. High heels also seem to have influenced the gadget’s efficiency, while Mr Ailisto noted that the users are advised to turn it off in case they have a few drinks.

The Finnish team of scientists is looking for a cell phone company to help make the product available to the market.

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Quite a good idea.

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Interesting. But what it measures is not too reliable, because of the 'weakness': when a woman switches from flat shoes to high heels i understand she has to prove to the phone that she is its owner. How? Again with a pincode? I have a better idea: to prove that you are you, you have to make a photo-selfportrait every hour.

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Original posted by joseph

I have a better idea: to prove that you are you, you have to make a photo-selfportrait every hour.
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