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13-01-03, 04:28
:rolleyes: This maybe a stupid question, but...

I would like to know, given a one way time machine that only travels backwards, what time/age/place etc. forum members would go back to and why? :confused:

Regards, Dr. SATAN

13-01-03, 04:43
tough Q, Doc...

lets see...

i would go to 1980 so i could experience the 80's :D :D :D - no really thats a joke one....

i would like to go to the time when pyramids and tombs at Giza had just been created, like what year is that? um... about 3200 B.C. I just read tey dont know the exact date, but anywhere there, were pharos and kings were would be pretty kool - a little funny thinking about it now, i like tomb raider, but thats not why i chose that, i just thought about it for a second now...

just to see the time when kings ruled so religously and the earth was young (younger) would be kool.

this is one possibility off the top of my head, ill prob think of another soon...

13-01-03, 05:31
Nice idea Duffman. I think I would like to see the Hanging Gardens of Babylon (but not stay there long enough to be destryoyed, over and over again). I quite like the idea of going back to the minoan civilisation or the Greek / Trojen period about 1200 - 800BC, just to see if the events actually happened. I also like the idea of living in the classical age, but would hate to be a Roman slave (or a Roman at all come to think of it).

13-01-03, 05:50
How come we only get to go back? I'd like to ff to Star Trek time personly.

13-01-03, 05:53
Rome would be kool - with gladiators and stuff, also Greek times, like zues and aphroditi ;) , Hurcules (if he is real) would be kool to meet - um... the beginning of time would be kool to see of course, but not likely (im a big bang theory person) only because i feel that supports facts and stuff, so if it was like that then there would be like toxic gases and stuff, but to be in a bubble outside earth and watch it would be kool...

how about the turn of the first millenium, 1000, hold a party and show e3veryone a good time - hehehe. we have seen this one, but i wonder what it was like then?

13-01-03, 07:04
Id go to 999 and scare everyone about Y1K and make millions of whatever money they use selling the fix...hehe...

Actually I want to go back 834 years to when my dragon was born...would be a sight to see...

13-01-03, 21:48
Well if have to go back...I'd chose 1670 and comand of a pirate vessel looting the Spanish Main.
I'd sail the "Scarlett Dragon"(with like figurehead) into infamy and fortune.

14-01-03, 15:01
Draco, you of all creatures, should know that dragons are hatched, not born. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

14-01-03, 15:17
They mean the same thing... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif