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tlr online
14-01-03, 00:01
High school seniors and international students interested in education for a career in the video and computer game industry are invited to apply for scholarships from The Art institute of California - San Francisco. The scholarships support the school's bachelor degree programs in Game Art & Design and Visual & Game Programming.

Scholarship awards are based on the quality of projects submitted by high school seniors who demonstrate ability and commitment in one of the school's programs of study. Students may qualify for part- or full-tuition scholarships. To enter, students may obtain a Scholarship Competition Entry Form from The Art Institute of California - San Francisco by emailing aisfadm@aii.edu or by calling the school at (888) 493-3261 or (415) 865-0198. The entry deadline is April 30, 2003.

Student must fulfill general admission guidelines and competition guidelines, including a 250-word essay, educational resume, letters of recommendation and entry form. In addition, students will need to submit samples of artwork relating to each individual program, which may include drawings or illustrations, video game concept development, optional computer artwork, scripting or programming samples for a PC game, or module development for a game. Students should see the entry form for complete details.

The Game Art & Design and Visual & Game Programming programs teach skills needed for entry-level positions within the burgeoning video game industry. The school has offered Game Art & Design since Fall 2001 and its new Visual & Game Programming degree starts January 13, 2003. The Art Institutes system has been receiving widespread attention for its Game Art & Design program, which was recently named among the World's Top Five Game Degree Programs by Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine it its January 2003 issue.

For more information about scholarships or about the school's degree programs, visit www.aicasf.aii.edu (http://www.aicasf.aii.edu) or call (888) 493-3261. Located at 1170 Market Street in downtown San Francisco, the school attracts a diverse mix of students from throughout the Bay Area and the world. The school offers degree programs in Graphic Design, Media Arts & Animation, Multimedia & Web Design, Game Art & Design, Visual & Game Programming, Fashion Design and Interior Design.

14-01-03, 02:50
california is a bit too far for me....got one in australia? I plan to become a graphic designer anyway...animation is too mind boggling.
Tlr-online do you know about this kind of stuff? http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

14-01-03, 03:26
i to wish something like that was avaliable in Australia. there was this course in Dekin in Queensland, and now in Melbourne, but i cant remember the name of it. i applied for it when i was in year 12 (but didnt get in of xourse).

That was my calling i recon, to program computers and i know i would kick some but with an entry of a game, but the USA... never would i be able to get there.

14-01-03, 03:39
duffman you doing any course now?

14-01-03, 03:56
i just completed my 2 year course last year after completing year 12 in 2000...

i applied through VTAC (i dont know if you know VTAC), but anyway, another 8 preferences and ill see what happens. i applied to things like computer science, information systems and stuff like that, but would rather get a job and am currently applying to lots of jobs now. if i get a job soon enough ill go for that as i feel im ready to work after completing school and that course in information systems: software engeneering in which i was rated no. 1 after completing the course.

im sick of school now and want to earn money with the extensive knowledge i have. (if you are reading this as a student tomb raidians, i strongly nudge you to finish school, something that will help you in life and youll regret dropping out, SO FINISH SCHOOL AT LEAST, says wise Duffman - http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif )

14-01-03, 04:30
I have finished school in 2001. I was at uni last year but I didnt like my course so I dropped out...and got a job for 6 months...not what I wanted but I'm earning more than check out chicks. I figured I need at least $700 to get what I need for my comp and then save up and pay for my hecs debt. Everyone wants a job right away from our studying but we cant always get any...especially where I live. I want to start my own business in graphic design with my sister...hmmm....and some how make money. That why I chose a business course too for small businesses. Is that wise? What happens when it gets big...if does. I dont know what I want it to be but definitely not a fish and chip shop business. I'm not sure what you even need for your own business besides an ABN number. Eidos could give me advice but that would be too embarrassing. :D

14-01-03, 05:01
i used to run my own buiness (truth), and it went fantastically. i was equal partner with my best bud and we started a small computer business to fix/upgrade, basically anthing computer related, when we were both 15 years old. Age was a little hard to sell firstly, but after doing what the customer did, and see there face, like this --> :eek: <-- they basically helped our buiness grow as word of mouth is one of the most powerful advertising tools. we stopped the business because of year 12, it was too hard to do both.

14-01-03, 05:05
You can get small business kits from the government to help you along. there on the web somewhere... you need an ABN number, a business bank account and a registered business name to start off... but have a search on the web for info dingochick.

I wouldnt mind to start a business agian, its so much fun, but also a lot of hard work. Advertising is very hard to do as well as selling tro people that they should choose you, but i emplore you to try and wish you GOOD LUCK with it if you do...

14-01-03, 05:26
All I want to do is start a financial empire that spans the world...

But in the short term, Im going to save up for 6 years and then make a go of making my gameworld a reality...the first virtual game planet...

15-01-03, 14:03
DingoChik, I know a fair bit about graphic design, animation, CG or anything art related if u need any help ;)

Interesting stuff TLR, pitty its so far away tho.
Wish they'd run somthing like this in the UK.
I would be the first to enter into something like that. :D
Be interested to know if there's anything else like that which you could dig up. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

15-01-03, 17:09
Am I the only person on this forum NOT wanting to get into the video gaming industry? http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif I must admit that I'd love to write a script for a video game though, despite not wanting to work in the industry. :D I want to be a psychologist and would love if given half a chance to study something about social identity and video gaming, including how they empower and inspire people. And no...I'd not be one of those idiots claiming that anyone playing games turns into a delsuional psychopath. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

16-01-03, 12:38
no ur not the only person-im going to be a forensic scientist, startin my degree course this september cumin!!

16-01-03, 23:16
Hmm, a game designer, that would be nice, but I think I would rather continue with my engineering, I plan to go beyond the simple CAD tech that I am (makes a great first job though!) and pursue aeronautical engineering ;)

17-01-03, 03:01
duffman I dont know what to think of you...bloody strange aussie thats what you are...flaming galah! Err...aussis lingo sucks. Thankyou anyway...but I aim to get all you guys back. I think I already did in my last post. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

17-01-03, 03:32
um... you lost my digochick. in this topic i think i was saying GOOD LUCK (not sarcastically)...

what exactly are you getting us back for? :confused:

17-01-03, 04:13
you dont wanna know...its a secret.

17-01-03, 04:21
what are you stalking me or something? - hehehe

Me, well, its a tough job but someones got to do it... - What do you think of me? - i hope you dont think im an ***hole becaquse if you did, id have to change my posting wording as i am not...

I think you are kool and i emplore you to speak your mind, but you are a tough cookie and not one to shy from a fight (even if there is no fight - hehehe)...

17-01-03, 05:33
Draco, re your post of the 14th:
Don't forget that your captain get a large part of the loot.

17-01-03, 05:40
Oh...yeah... :(

Hehe... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

18-01-03, 10:00
duffman...I'm raw coz I'm an aussie woman...you know what we are like. Or is it the beer you like more? I dont think your an A hole, I'm one. :D
I cant stalk if you want...but I want money for it. Did you see that guy on the news that pays people money for kidnapping him? http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

18-01-03, 10:04
tlr-online...do you rate yourself? How come your always 5 stars? You mother must think your an angel. :D

18-01-03, 10:11
The 2nd member huh? Who's the first? Second best...awww.

18-01-03, 10:49