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tlr online
14-01-03, 00:06
Ubi Soft Entertainment, one of the world's largest video game publishers, announced today that it has acquired all developing and publishing rights related to the Nightmare Creatures 3, Angel of Darkness (working title) video game as well as the Nightmare Creatures trademark. As a result, the development for Nightmare Creatures 3, started by Kalisto Entertainment, is now being handled by Ubi Soft. The game is slated for release on the latest generation of consoles in 2004.

This new agreement allows Ubi Soft to extend its original and innovative approach to the Nightmare Creatures video games and any related developments. It demonstrates Ubi Soft's long-term vision for its games and furthers the company's strategy to build a diverse catalogue of titles.

"With the rights to the Nightmare Creatures name now secured, we are making sure that players remain as enthusiastic about the series as they have been up until now," said Alain Corre, Ubi Soft's Managing Director for Europe, Asia-Pacific and South America. "The action-packed gameplay and fascinating story of Nightmare Creatures 3 promise to take the fright factor of the genre to new highs."

Set in 19th-Century Central Europe, Nightmare Creatures 3 lets players slip into the role of an agile heroine who works to solve a mystery in Prague during the day. At night, she merges with her accompanying raven to become a formidable fighting creature. The artful use of suspense and tension offers a new and sophisticated gaming experience for horror fans and gamers.

14-01-03, 00:14
Ummmmm, didn't say much about AOD.What does this mean??

tlr online
14-01-03, 00:15
Nightmare Creatures 3 has been tentatively named Angel Of Darkness. This I thought was amusing. Don't worry, Lara Croft is still very much with Core Design and Eidos.

14-01-03, 00:24
OK. Whew, now this one had me holding my breath!