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28-10-05, 21:38
for those of you who celebrate all hallow's eve aka halloween what are you dressing up as.....

if your not dressing up say what you want to be

now for me i take HW every seriously so i spent 3 hrs. in a store finding a perfect costume!!! i was gonna be darth vader angel but in the end im going as a 70s vampire ninja angel

i have a halo,wings, a red ninja robe that looks exactly like inuyasha outfit(because it is) vamp fangs and a blonde afro...! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/jumper.gif

28-10-05, 22:14
I went trick or treating in Sloane Street dressed as Rab C Nesbitt a few years back. My wails of "I will skive, skive and skive again!" terrified people.


28-10-05, 22:18
So what's the difference between "Customs" and "Costumes"?