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14-01-03, 02:39
hey what school do you guys go to so i can see if any of you go to my school. i go to southwest junior high, springdale arkansas.

14-01-03, 02:43
I went to gleeson college in south australia...so I dont think I went to your school...im too old for school now. I'm going to university again hopefully doing computer science...men galore!

14-01-03, 04:27
Maybe the first question should be who lives in Arkansas...

I live in Vegas...never been to Arkansas...

15-01-03, 09:01
I definalty don't go to your school but anyways... I'm in year 9 this year at Blue Mountains Grammar School in Wentworth Falls (which is about 2hrs from Sydney) http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif


15-01-03, 16:18
Maybe the first question should be who lives in Arkansas... :D LOL Draco... @ ...LOL :D

the croft woman!
15-01-03, 16:40
Im in year 11 (final year! :eek: ) at The Radcliffe School. I tell ya, it totaly sucks! Anyone else here go to radcliffe???

15-01-03, 17:12
I go to Walsall college in England. It's okay there but I dislike Walsall in general and wish to leave some day. I study beginner's French and A-Level psychology.

15-01-03, 23:57
I go to Grasso Technical in Groton Connecticut, a little closer than England at least ;)

16-01-03, 00:25
Im a sophomore at Montgomery County High School in Kentucky of the Good ol' US of A.

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17-01-03, 00:28
I'm an 8th grader at Friends Christian Middle School in Yorba Linda, California. Can't wait until next year!(no more uniforms!!!) :D

17-01-03, 01:33
I'm a freshman at St. Vincent College in Pennsylvania. It's a nice, small private school. I'm double majoring in mathematics and computer science with a minor in psychology.

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tlr online
17-01-03, 01:40
Trinity. What are your long term aspirations?

18-01-03, 05:45
I'm not quite sure yet, TLR. I just got into things I like and that I'm good at. I'll figure out later what I want to do once I graduate. I actually need to do some research on that to see what's out there.