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14-01-03, 04:18
Do core design have a website? The old www.core-design.com (http://www.core-design.com) doesn't seem to work. Comes up with an error message. Are they updating their website or did it collapse or something? Does anyone know how much core makes compared to eidos interactive. I know they are partners but who gets most of the earnings...like with tomb raider. Isn't core the game designers and eidos are the publishers? I notice that they have world wide locations in france, UK, USA, Japan, Singapore and Germany...are they willing to locate in Australia?. I heard queensland is booming the most in IT so perhaps there or where the less fortunate places are like Adelaide...haha what a joke. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

14-01-03, 05:02
I do not know of another site for Core...by the error message, it seems they are updating the site...

tlr online
14-01-03, 11:10
New site currently under construction. No need to panic.