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tlr online
14-01-03, 08:44
Greetings. We'll be performing some routine maintenance on your forum this morning, purging some of the old cache files and re-indexing the search index. This will result in your forum being unavailable for approx 10 minutes. Apologies for the inconvenience and Happy Raiding!

tlr online
14-01-03, 09:09
All done. Forum should perform a whole lot faster now. Search index has also been purged and rebuilt. Enjoy!

14-01-03, 09:30
The forum works fastest then ever. :D By the way tlr online can you send me my forum password because I seemed to misplaced it.



tlr online
14-01-03, 09:34
On it's merry way...

14-01-03, 09:39
The forum is now on par with the standard speed...

err...its fast now... ;)

14-01-03, 09:40
Thanks tlr online, I just received it. :D :D :D