View Full Version : "We'll pass on the intel P3's!"

tlr online
14-01-03, 13:13
I shouldn't laugh... Article courtesy of El Reg (http://www.theregister.co.uk)

A 6.2m consignment of Intel chips was stolen under the nose of a courier at Heathrow airport yesterday. Thieves made away with the vehicle containing the chips, after it was left unattended for 'a few moments' in a loading area. The vehicle was later found abandoned in nearby Feltham, with 1.5m worth of chips, said to be Pentium IIIs, Scotland Yard told the BBC. Police are looking for two white men in a white Renault van, thought to be the getaway vehicle

The police also said the theft had no implications for Heathrow security as it took place outside the airport perimeter. That is as may be, but Heathrow is fast becoming London's Wild, Wild West, with four prominent hi-tech thefts in the last year.