View Full Version : Why don't the email notification reply work properly?

Mere Cund Chosef
15-01-03, 04:52
Regarding my last topic, i didnt get an email note saying there were any replies when there WERE :mad: ?


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15-01-03, 05:04
Did you select the option to get the email notification?

Mere Cund Chosef
20-01-03, 21:29
Originally posted by Draco:
Did you select the option to get the email notification?That shouldnt be necessary mr dragon, for the profile edit page of this damn site allows members to recieve email replies after checking the reply box[], which i checked [x], - therefore why the need to check 'another' box? :(

20-01-03, 21:54
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH........uuuuuuummmmm....I'm not saying a word, thats how I get into trouble.

tlr online
20-01-03, 22:11
Please note. Your profile notification states the following: "Be notified by email when someone sends you a private message?" See our FAQ for an explanation on private messages.

If you want to be notified by email when someone responds to your public post, click the 'Email Notification' check-box when posting the thread. Is that simple enough for you Mere Cund Chosef?

TLR. Admin of this 'damn' site.