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23-12-05, 18:52
DNA Earns You a Mansion!
22 Dec 2005 11:43:00

By Vicky Keleri
Should you crave to have a mansion as a New Year’s present, you’d better have a DNA test rather than send a letter to Santa Claus! You see, 59-year-old baronet Sir Benjamin Slade from Somerset, Britain, got tired of his luxurious mansion and decided to give it to someone special whose DNA would match his as much as possible! Sir Slade explained that none of his family dreams of having his 679,000-euro mansion, while no buyer has turned up so far. Since he and his wife decided that they couldn’t look after the mansion along with the 430 cattle and the 12 pea****s they possess, they are in quest of the heir with the right DNA. In fact, the baronet announced this pretty unusual offer via a US television network to make sure that he would attract as many as possible. A preliminary research carried out by the television network has traced nearly 5,000 people with the same name in the USA, meaning that the future owner of the mansion is probably among them.