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15-01-03, 20:14

15-01-03, 21:44
just out of interest Draco, have you played online at Gamespy? - im more of a msn zone player myself, but i thought about giving gamespy a go. It just sounds a little disconcerning "SPY", like its a spy into my PC. i know you havet o install this software that connects you but i dont know... :confused:

15-01-03, 22:49
Gamespy is a good program, however:

It is invasive, it searches your computer for games it supports...

If you haven't paid the $20 US to get rid of the ads, you will be frustrated to all hell...

Otherwise, if those do not bother you, then it is an excellent peer to peer game matching service...

16-01-03, 02:28
Good catch, Draco. I found the article very interesting. It sounds like the extra three months of work will definitely be worth it. I was particularly pleased when I read that line about the player not fighting the camera system. That was what most people, including me, were worried about. I have two small reservations. One is that it seems we don't have a training area to practice Lara's new moves, which we might not just want but perhaps need. The second is all the comments about the 'new' technique of Lara automatically locking onto something like a wall that she can climb up. Deep Space Nine: The Fallen had that over two years ago. It might be new for Lara and Core, but it's not new for the genre.