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17-01-03, 03:29
I never really liked bikes until I noticed now that how cool they are and that are something trully heroic for women. This triumph daytona will do for me. :D 955cc of bliss! What every girl needs!


These bikes are ok but there has got to be something better? Is this all they can come up with? So far the daytona looks the best to me.
Thats what I call a man!

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17-01-03, 03:31
Dingochik. Have you ever been on the back of a racing bike?

17-01-03, 03:39
i luv speed, especially on bikes.

I used to race dirt bikes and it was soo kool. Dirt bikes rock, because if you fall off dirt is better to hit than concrete...

I luved it and getting air off a 20 ft high jump to be about 50 - 70 ft above ground is amazing and gets th blood pumping.

Dont get me wrong, i luv racing and road bikes too and hope one day to mount a metal beauty again. Because of my racing and race driver knowing background ive had the plessure of talking and having lengthy conversations with Barry Sheen and Wayne Gardener... 2 of the top bike gurus in the world. When i say lengthy conversations, its not "can you sign this?" - its "How are you doing Barry?" - (as i knew him due to his commentating commitments) and have had dinner with the fine fellow. If your in the know of racing you will probably know that Barry Sheen is fighting cancer right now... He is a top bloke and i hope he gets better soon...

17-01-03, 03:52
Yes I have and it was hell fun! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

17-01-03, 03:54
my sister has a ktm dirtbike duffman...shes on there every weekend and she loves it! :D

17-01-03, 04:00
i used to have a YZ 80 and a CR 80...

They were nice. We were very into it and used to use AF gas, that is, Airoplane Fuel in the bikes as the mixture increase power output.

Once we used The fuel that is used in hi-octane grag cars.. it burns at, well.. lets say very high temperatures and the bike was like a rocket for the first minute then the spark plug burnt out and the bike lost all power, but that minute was fantastic and i dont think ive seen a bike go that fast ever.. :eek:

17-01-03, 04:09
yeah how fast did it go?

17-01-03, 04:16
gee thats a tough one...

Dirtbikes don have speedometers.. most of em anyway.

i think it would have been in the high hundreds anyway. 2 strokes have enourmous take off speed and i think with the "special fuel" in it it was something in the 190-200 clicks... pretty fast on rough dirt...

17-01-03, 05:16

I am not usually into bikes, but I would have to say I love cruising on a Harley...

17-01-03, 07:33
How about one of these

18-01-03, 09:29
haha that is hilarious geek! How does that guy ride that bike being so tiny? Thats funny. What is that other thing? A new kind of bike? My sister's bike doesnt have a speedo either...well I think she had to get one when she was trying to ride it on the road...she gave up after all the morons in adelaide...as they are...gave her a hard time. This is wogville here too...guys always driving in so called supped up holden commodores with ****py body kits and they think they are hot. Haha...makes me laugh everytime I see em. Motorbikes are the coolest...everyones got cars but not bikes.

18-01-03, 09:49
what about this bike? Ninja zx-rr.


This one looks nicer.

18-01-03, 09:51
You know what I think...having too much plastic covering on the bike just covers up its natural beauty of being a machine. Mmmm. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif :cool:

18-01-03, 10:41
No kidding, that is why I like this:

The V-Rod: http://a1276.g.akamai.net/7/1276/734/a2a64a68b6a347/www.harley-davidson.com/PR/MOT/2003/VRSC/VRSCA/images/img_VRSC_VRSCA_c1e.jpg


And the Screaming Eagle Deuce: http://a1276.g.akamai.net/7/1276/734/1aa2a60b0969e9/www.harley-davidson.com/PR/MOT/CVOP/images/img_fxstdse_closeup.jpg

Those imports you put up there are funny little squeaky toys compared to these...hehe, kinda like most imports...hehe...

18-01-03, 11:31
you like harleys? No thanks...those are a whole lot of nothing. Bikies ride them. Ninjas arent toys...dont you know how fast they can go.

18-01-03, 11:34
If you want to go fast, then forget motorcycles...they are slow...and a Harley can do 130+ mph

18-01-03, 11:40
well these bikes can do 300kmph...harleys sound really bad anyway...they should throw them up in the wreckers and make coke cans out them instead. :D