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18-01-03, 01:06
Sold Out has unveiled the six titles that will join its ground breaking 4.99 Super-Budget label in February - including the chance to become a cherub, speed across dirt tracks or snooker the likes of Ronnie O'Sullivan!

As Sold Out continually strives to offer the very best PC titles at affordable prices, February will see Interplay's hugely successful Messiah and Codemaster's World Championship Snooker making their Super-Budget debuts. Developed by the renowned Shiny Entertainment team, Messiah casts the player as an angelic cherub out to defeat the forces of evil. Using the cherub's ability to take over the bodies of those he encounters, the player must infiltrate a series of enemy strongholds. They must also use the abilities of those they take over against their adversary, making it one of the most innovative and entertaining PC titles in years.

World Championship Snooker is a stunning and technically brilliant simulation. Featuring the likes of Peter Ebdon and Ronnie O'Sullivan, the user is pitted against these and other pros in key tournaments and friendly games. All the spins, snookers and shots of the real thing have been recreated, with an incredibly effective shot system giving players a free reign as they attempt to rack up an unbeatable 147 break.

February's supporting cast of releases is also of equally high quality. Ground Control is a sprawling strategy/war title, while Screamer 4x4 marks VIE's beloved racing series (previously available as part of the Sold Out 4.99 range) moving from the high-octane thrills of road racing to the down and dirty world of off-road action.

Rounding off Sold Out's February collection are Interplay's Fallout 2 and Ascaron's Extreme 500. Fallout 2 is an acclaimed role-playing game where players scour a nuclear wasteland in search of survivors and survival, while Extreme 500 is a German-developed motorbike racer, with the requisite tight bends, realistic tracks and jaw-dropping crashes! All six games are making their Super-Budget debut, and will feature Sold Out's .Now installation and online support service.

"Sold Out continues into 2003 as it ended 2002 - delivering high quality titles for the best possible prices," commented managing director Garry Williams. "February's releases are of an enviable high quality, while the likes of Messiah, Ground Control, World Championship Snooker and Fallout 2 demonstrate that we guarantee variety as well as quality."

18-01-03, 01:14
Me got messiah already http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif got it for 4.99 ages ago, full boxed version, wasnt i lucky ;) http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif