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tlr online
18-01-03, 01:30
Infogrames is set to lose its global marketing supremo and head of European third party publishing. There was no comment from either party, but MCV understands that Larry Sparks will end his three-year stint in charge of Infogrames' marketing strategy at the end of March, whilst Matt Woodley is set for a move to the re-emerging Sega Europe.

Sparks has overseen successes such as Driver 2, pulling together a unified marketing strategy after the firm's period of acquisition.
He joined Infogrames when it bought GT Interactive, and has also held senior positions at Eidos and Acclaim. Those close to Sparks suggest he is taking a break for personal reasons, but will return to a top job in the near future.

Woodley also moved to Infogrames after the GTI deal. He traded his marketing role for third party after the sealing of deals with Sega and Namco. Highly rated, he is a natural in-house choice for new Sega. Pascale Vermeerbergen will now handle European marketing.

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18-01-03, 01:36
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tlr online
18-01-03, 01:48
Infogrames once toyed with the idea of acquiring Eidos Interactive and was one of several companies mentioned during talks last year. For the moment, however, Eidos remains independent.