View Full Version : Spell checker for your Tomb Raidre forum

tlr online
19-01-03, 00:07
Greetings. Would any members be interested in a spell checker integrated into your Tomb Raider forum software?

19-01-03, 00:11
I kin speel perphektlee fone tanks joo

19-01-03, 01:06
mmmmmm.... spell checker....

it would help for those big words like, phoentecially and antidisastablishmentarism....

19-01-03, 01:12
no, huked on foniks wurked fer me!

tlr online
19-01-03, 01:20
Duffman. Deleted on your behalf.

Raider Ranger
19-01-03, 09:10
Not a bad idea, there are those out there who don't check their spelling before posting but we do know what they mean. :confused: