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19-01-03, 04:41
I want to make my own poll to see how many people actually like me for my survey that I'm doing.

Thankyou. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

19-01-03, 05:04
You need a poll to tell you that?

Just look at your rating...it is an average of what people think they think of you...notice mine dropped...hehe...

Controversy rules...

19-01-03, 05:28
that doesnt tell me anything..just how many stars i have.

tlr online
19-01-03, 05:30
Member Ratings
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19-01-03, 05:31
I knew that

19-01-03, 05:32
Why would you need to do a poll on how many people like you? Does that really matter?

19-01-03, 05:36
Dingochik, are you a politician?

19-01-03, 05:45
in this world I am everything.

19-01-03, 05:47
I was wondering if I needed new friends thats all. Go some place else where it's warmer. :(

19-01-03, 05:48
What the jell does that mean?

19-01-03, 05:53
you can come over here dingochick...

its gonna be "warm" tomorrow... ;)

the forcast is 38 degrees... :eek:

is that warm enough for you? - hehehe

19-01-03, 05:59
its 74 F here...

19-01-03, 06:13
oh yeah, i forget international differences...

i meant 38 degrees C - 100.4 degrees F

19-01-03, 06:22
100 F is nothing...

here is gets to 118 F sometimes...once in a while 120+

19-01-03, 06:29
O.K., I'm moveing it was -8 here today.

19-01-03, 06:35

hehe... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

19-01-03, 06:45
oh dont worry draco, here it gets to those temps too... ;) - especially with all the bush fires we are having, its literally like living in an oven...

Youll feel right at home if you relocated to our country, dont you worry mate...

19-01-03, 06:45
-8!......that's cold enough to frost a dragons scales isn't it?

19-01-03, 06:49
Well its cold enough to make a Fire Dragon cold, but not an Ice Dragon...good thing Im an Earth Dragon though...hehe

19-01-03, 06:54
Thats true. Anharic's mother was a snow dragon who lived in a mountain ice cave. However I think she frosted nicely. Wore it like a sheen of diamonds as I recall.

19-01-03, 07:14

19-01-03, 07:19
Indeed! ;)

19-01-03, 07:22

19-01-03, 07:32
Give me a moment, I'll think of something.

19-01-03, 07:38
Hummmmm....then again, perhaps not. It's after midnight:30 and I think I'll just say :

Good night Draco.

19-01-03, 07:38
No you won't... :D

19-01-03, 08:55
I already know what hot weather feels like duffman...it was 41 here today. I didnt even notice coz I didnt go outside..and we have ducted aircon. It was 48 here once too...along time ago. Maybe I should have made a topic called what temperature is it today instead of this one...since no one ever talks about the topic. So why dont they have a chat thing for that on here? That way people can talk about whatever they want.

19-01-03, 09:00
I cant ever take people seriously on here.

the croft woman!
19-01-03, 10:32
Im shocked how fast this topic is growing!! :eek:

19-01-03, 11:41
What was the topic? :D

19-01-03, 12:58

I believe this forum is a way for me to forget my problems and have fun with everyone. You seem to have a lot of problems, but you need to leave them behind when doing something you enjoy. If you really need to talk to someone, email me. I don't feel it needs to be on the forum. You have a lot of friends here http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

20-01-03, 10:22
i really lk u!! Ur views are honest and i also believe in the same things!

20-01-03, 10:42
keep those emails to me coming babe... ;)

i dont mind a chat like that either mate...

your top dingochick and i just want to clarify, when it seems i do have a go at you, i am - lol, but you should understand not to take things too personal and chill out - its hard in the hot whether, but try -

- a friends always DUFFMAN -

21-01-03, 02:28
Thankyou...all of you...I think I'm gonna cry...that would never happen http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif You guys are all cool. I just wish that everyone would have more to say on how they feel about things...and not be shy. I wish draco would say more http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif One word sentences are not enough. I mean its cute but what else are you thinking. Smylez...I'll stop when you stop http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif Duffman your cool coz you know stuff in IT and your a true blue aussie. What you doing for australia day anyway? I wanna do something more patriotic for once. Dont you feel australia deserves that? Justin thanx for supporting me. Tlr-online your cool...but you gotta make my avatar. To everyone else I forgot about...good on you. And Neko..stop chewing the cords and jumping on me. :D

21-01-03, 02:39
I know exactley what you mean dingochick... - something traditional and truely australian is the way to go on Australia day...

A lot of the time its a fantastic BBQ with friends and family. Else, the beach is a great spot and i guess following the saying: "What does Australia do best?" - Answer: "Weekends!" - relaxing and playing backyard cricket with the little tackers, while laughing and having fun. Its my little bros bday on the 25th, so its gonna be a double fun weekend.

Its gonna be a beautiful day i forsee... and i feel for many Aussies oversees fighting this unfortuante war on terror... - I think us Aussies have to not be blind to it, but set the example of a multi-cultural society with amazing acceptance and tolerance for others. I have so many multi-cultural friends and i would have it no other way... - What about you dingochick? - you have and treaditional sort of plans or something going on over in the SA? http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

21-01-03, 07:13
Originally posted by dingochik:
I wish draco would say more http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif One word sentences are not enough. I mean its cute but what else are you thinking.Ramblings of dragons makes nonsense...

21-01-03, 08:48
Another thing too draco...stop quoting people. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif Don't be so lazy...talk about your favourite topics...like mountains :D . Duffman, I'm not really sure but I think we'll be seeing a movie and having a BBQ..mmm. That's aussie I guess. We dont have any cricket stuff here but we gotta footy..yeah sherrin! Theres no little tackers in my family either to play with. Just grumpy old men.. :D Oh sorry and women. I hope you enjoy your A-day and be patriotic.

21-01-03, 09:38
Hey duff...check this out :D


Advance Australia fair!

21-01-03, 10:46
Originally posted by dingochik:
Another thing too draco...stop quoting people. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif Don't be so lazy...talk about your favourite topics...like mountains :D .Hehe...if I talked about the things I wanted to talk about, it would likely be too controversial... :(

21-01-03, 11:27
hmm...wheres my dictionary.

21-01-03, 11:37
Originally posted by dingochik:
hmm...wheres my dictionary.http://www.dictionary.com