View Full Version : Slow Loading?

20-01-03, 09:30
Anyone else find the forums slower then molasses when loading?

20-01-03, 10:48
sometimes its slow pwhirl, but dont leave.

I think the 5000 odd members may cause a little of the loading, plus tlr is always upgrading and updating the site for us, so its a little slo for that too...

bare with us mate... ( - i know i will - )

20-01-03, 18:42
I won't leave, I've been registered since sept 2001, just been really busy with stuff, my site in general, tra.gamersuplink.com. Maybe they'll switch to VB?

20-01-03, 23:36
I think TLR, has stated his intention to keep on using UBB...

To my knowledge the server and its connection are what is slow...

20-01-03, 23:44
The forums have been fairly slow over the last few days -- more so than usual, I mean. It could be due to the new upgrade not working perfectly, or the site in general getting a lot of visitors from Yahoo's recommendation. The forums are not usually this slow even with 40 or 50 people visiting at once.


20-01-03, 23:57
Hey guys, lets face it, we are soooo popular on this site and I know the right time of day that it goes fast and never have a prob. :D Popularity always crowds the lines, LAN or WAN :D

tlr online
21-01-03, 00:01
Indeed. We have a dedicated line feeding three web servers. During peak times, the line becomes saturated and page-load speed is effected. We're not GameSpot, nor IGN, and it's an expensive business delivering content to 20,000 + visitors daily. Rather than start charging for content (as so many other gaming sites have done) we're investigating numerous options which will allow us to invest in a larger line. All we can do is ask for your continued support and understanding.