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20-01-03, 13:30
There is this show that was made in Australia called Farscape. I dont know if the UK gets it or not, but just wondered if there are any farscape fans like myself?

The show is a sci-fi type, with aliens and a human that went through a worm hole, ended up meeting up with these aliens both good and bad, and now has adventures with them - to say the least.

It features many Aussie actors and extras and international faces too, but is made by Jim Henson, the creator of the muppets - you cant tell me people out there havent heard of the muppets? - BEST SHOW EVA...

Farscape was cancelled after, i think its 5th season, but maybe 4th. Much to the disgust of its fans of course who now have a website - save farscape (http://www.savefarscape.com) - dedicated to getting it back on the air. It was taken off Australian television for a while, but has now returned to the airwaves (or cable - either way) much to my delight. They cut it at the best bit!! - and now ive seen what happens im happy.

Im a huge fan - not as much as TR of course, thats a given - but its a great show and i hope that they continue it oneday.

20-01-03, 13:49
We've had Farscape in the U.S. since we've had Sliders, man I loved Sliders, but I never watched Farscape

20-01-03, 15:50
Duffman buddy, I LOVE Faescape!!! Didn't you just want to lock Rigel in a trash can some where? or at the least break his floating chair so he'd have to walk like everyone else!. I wish it was still being made.

20-01-03, 16:11
great... another fan... :D :D :D

yeah rigel is a little sucker... i uv pilot, hes so cool... but my fav character would have to be aeryn... she is great and its a good match her and crichton. The spelling of these names is buggered tho... im a fan, but these names are just too hard to spell... - hehehe

it may one day come back on... - save farscape is trying so hard to get sponsers and a big sponser that would get it back... if i had the cash i would do it... it was/is a great show and i never miss an episode. i havent seen it all because they took it off the air here is Aus for about a year or so... so im behind. They are buggering it up now tho, the local TV channel... putting it in 9:30 & 10:00 spots, and not putting it on regularly/consistantly. They might put it on this week, then not on the next, its very anoying

Gianas cool and dargo is funny because his friendship with john begs the qquestion how well hed do on earth - very well, i luv when they speak like earth, but its an alien and funny as... - zahn is fantastic and they have done a fantastic job to create such a full of life, good moral, sci-fi/drama like this.

20-01-03, 16:26
Never cared for Giana. Her being black and white (gray)-well, you know, always bothered me. So, how did they end the series? I never saw it. And, yeah, Zahn is incredibly believable and strangely beautiful.

20-01-03, 23:23
I have seen Farscape a few times, can't say I am a fan per se...

My favorite Sci-Fi and the best one I have ever seen is Firefly...but FOX in its undying shortsightedness, but it on 'hiatus'... :(

21-01-03, 00:17
I haven't seen Firefly which is odd because we do get Fox up here in the boonies. Must be good if its your fave.

21-01-03, 02:20
They ended the series here is Aus, with mention it wasnt returning when aeryn sun was plummeting to her doom on that planet and just after craise had taken over talon.

I didnt want aeryn to die!! - They put it back on and i was releaved to see aeryn was saved. luckly they saved here when that doctor alien person got that thing out of crichtons brain - the scorpios chip thing.

21-01-03, 05:35
I saw one episode where Talon had grown up some and Craise was helping Moya and our fleeing crew. He even said he knew John didn't kill his brother on purpose! I was traveling and saw it in a hotel somewhere. Never could find it again when I got home :( . I love the episode where Zahn revealed herself as a plant :eek: .

21-01-03, 09:12
I dont really like farscape...but I do like their makeup...especially that blue lady. I notice some of the actors were australian. There is one episode I think I saw where at the end the human guy was looking at his home planet or something..I dont know...and there was sydney harbour bridge in the backround...just like in the matrix...sydney is popular. Hey duffman you seen Mcleoud's daughter on channel 9? They make that here in SA at gawler.

21-01-03, 12:52
yeah Australia is making its mark dingochik - more and more films and shows. i luved stingers, and hearing them say "okay, on my way to fairfield station!"- and im like, cool i went there yesterday...

not too much of a fan of mcleods daughters.. but knew it was made in SA...

FArscapes on, so gtg...