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tlr online
21-01-03, 05:36
"GIE Media, a Cleveland company that runs the online pest-control portal PCT Online, is suing an Arkansas man who the company says is constantly leaving obnoxious and offensive messages on its Internet bulletin board and then, after he is banned from the site, sneaking back using fake names. Many companies ban users, delete posts and even change locations to avoid abusive users. But GIE's suit against Ronald Huckaby in U.S. District Court is one of the more extreme attempts yet to control chatter on Internet forums. GIE is alleging trespassing, breach of contract and violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. It is seeking at least $5,000 from Huckaby. The company also wants the judge to bar him from visiting PCT Online."

So, be warned ;)

21-01-03, 06:06

tlr online
21-01-03, 06:36

21-01-03, 06:43
That's pathetic. Have they ever heard of IP ban?

21-01-03, 07:39

IP bans are useless against anyone who has a clue how to use a computer...