View Full Version : Why arent all games multiformat ?

22-01-03, 02:14
How come some games get released on one system i.e Resident Evil on the Gamecube, but not on other systems like PS2,PC and X-Box.Do they make more money from a single format ? Surely they would make more money with a PS2 and PC release as well or am i missing something ?
Just bugs me that a good game like this is going to waste on a poxy console :rolleyes: (Hope i dont offend any gamecube owners lol )

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22-01-03, 02:21
There are a few reasons...

-different consoles have different programming languages and so they would have to take time and money to change the format of one consol to another...
-depending on the game, they will look at the amrket they want to go into (ie. kids, teens) and see which console they use...
-time + money are big factors in games development and sometimes quality (ie. graphics) too...

22-01-03, 04:07
The only way I can see them making money off it is because when one console buys out a game or a company only for their system, people are then forced in a way to buy that console if they really want to play the game.
Lol, speaking of Resident Evil and the Gamecube...I recently bought a Gamecube just so I could play the new Resident Evil games. at least PS2 still gets Resident Evil online!!