View Full Version : What do you think about the new LC model?

24-03-02, 13:47
There's a new official Lara Croft model her name is Jill de Jong and she's from the Netherlands . She has brown hair but that doesn't make you Lara. But what do you think of her?

25-03-02, 11:00
I think she is an average model for Lara, although I really need to see a close up picture to judge >_<

*Nat* http://crowd.to/larasrealm

25-03-02, 11:06
I dunno she juts doesn tseem to have thet lara aura that say Rhona or nell had...

25-03-02, 21:39
I don't like the new model as much as Lucy Clarkson or some of the others. There's just something about her but I dunno what. I think I have to agree with Miss Croft. LaraDouble-She is actually a natural blonde if you read her information on The Tomb Raider News Channel.

Melonie Tomb Raider
27-03-02, 10:19
I do not think Jill looks a thing like Lara at all!Infact I do not think any of the models have yet to really look like Lara.Sure they had the brown hair and eyes,but I just never thought they ever looked like Lara.Although they sure beat Jill.Jill and Lara,they do not look a thing alike.I think the reason they chose jill was because she is tall.